M2M Evolution Week in Review: Panasonic, Apple, Intel
What a week it's been at M2M Evolution. Cannabis gets connected, Chicago invades the IoT, the U.S. Senate loves technology, Panasonic is giving IP away and there's a smartwatch more luxurious than the…

Sleep Mode: Startup Wants to Make Bedtime a Smarter, Sleepier Place
Are you tired of wasting those six to eight hours you spend sleeping, getting no analytics on yourself? Well, Luna is here to help. Luna has created a mattress cover that will turn your dumb, old bed …

Sounds Good: New Program Designed to Open Connected Homes to Telecoms
A new program for integrating sound-sensitive smart sensors into M2M systems has hit the market in the U.K. from Audio Analytic, a Cambridge, England-based intelligent audio provider, designed to help…

New Linux COM to Enhance IoT Gateways Apps
The IoT is slowly seeing a rise in open source initiatives, and the movement got a big booth with this week's announcement from Panasonic that it would release its M2M platform code for free to develo…

Senate Unanimously Approves Resolution to Expand US IoT Initiatives
On March 24, the U.S. Senate approved Senate Resolution 110 that was proposed earlier in the month. The resolution, introduced by Senators Deb Fischer (R-Nebraska.), Cory A. Booker (D-New Jersey), Kel…

It Finally Happened: Marijuana Joins the IoT
Technology potheads rejoice: the Syqe Inhaler is here. Ok, it's not for recreational use. It's a therapeutic inhaler designed to give super-accurate doses so that cannabis can join the ranks of more t…

South Korea Pledges Huge Investment to IoT and Connected Transport
South Korea on March 25 announced that it will invest the equivalent of $5 billion by 2020 into growing the nations IoT industry, with almost $1 billion pledged by the end of 2015.

M2M Solution Swoops in to Solve TSA Torture
For anyone not in first class, the process of flying in an airplane has become the wagon train of the modern era: long, painful and you'll probably die of dysentery before the end. Now, however, Cinci…

How M2M Technology Is Making Medical Research More Efficient
Medical research is hard. It doesn't really matter, substantively, whether the goal is a new drug, treatment, or living dead creature brought to life with lightning applied to its neck bolts, getting …

The Machine Leading the Blind
San Francisco has taken IoT to a new level of track and trace in the fact they have enabled the blind to track where they want to go with their mobile apps.

AT&T Certifies 4G Wireless Router for M2M Deployment
The advantages of 4G cellular service over 3G are well understood, and until the possible projected date of 2017 for 5G arrives, it's the best there is. Getting M2M devices to handle the superior stre…

New M2M Solution to Help Merchants Protect from Fraud
The Mobile Risk Council conference is in Las Vegas this week, and while the event focuses on all areas of mobile device security, one vendor is offering online merchants a new way to protect themselve…

IoT Encryption: A Revenue Driver for CSPs
A July 2014 Intel study indicated that 41 percent of IT managers and directors identified data protection as a key obstacle to overcome before the Internet of Things (IoT) could be fully embraced. Abo…

Gartner Research Says Smart Cities Set Top 1 Billion M2M Things This Year
With every moment that passes, another device is being connected to something else for the automatic exchange of data. And, according to a report released by Gartner on March 18, it's accelerating to …

Look out, Apple! Google, Intel and TAG Heuer Announce Swiss Smartwatch
The only news in consumer wearables that anyone seems to want to talk about lately is the Apple (not-i)Watch. Although, it's mostly to complain about how silly the $17,000 gold version is. Well, now, …

Chicago Blows Hot the Wind of Change with IoT Think Tank
Some follow change, some resist it and others cause it. The city of Chicago is once again proving that in the IoT arena, it is determined to lead as a Smart City. On March 23, UI Labs, a consortium of…

Panasonic offers Open Source Platform for M2M Developers
The M2M industry is in constant flux, growing like a moss in many directions at once. One of the more interesting trends developing is in creating open source platforms upon which to build IoT connect…

M2M Evolution Week in Review: Microsoft, Samsung, CeBIT
What a week we've had at M2M Evolution-The M2M news out of CeBIT has been pretty exciting, it seems like everyone is starting to take signal security seriously, it looks like Microsoft is making a pla…

Semiconductor Corporations Merge to Make More Secure IoT
Microsemi Corporation, a semiconductor and system solutions provider for communications, defense, security, aerospace and industrial markets, has made a $389 million bid to purchase Vitesse Semiconduc…

Chocolate Bar Plug-n-Play Sensor Array Wins Tasty Prize at CeBIT
A new sensor setup, called WunderBar, has won the Code_n prize at CeBIT. It was designed by Berlin startup Relayr, and the unique solution, created to provide developers with easy access to IoT data, …

India Poised to Explode with M2M Innovation
As the second most populous country, one of the world's fastest economies and the world's only sub-continent, India is no stranger to superlatives. And the world's watching the Indian marketplace very…

How M2M is Making Energy More Efficient
Although the IoT is very exciting to think about in terms of consumer applications for connected homes and driverless cars, a major factor in its transformative potential is housed squarely in energy …

New M2M Antenna Set To Improve Industrial Connectivity Everywhere
Do you need your M2M network to work on top of Mt. Everest in a blizzard? Or during a North Atlantic Nor'easter? Well, these and other industrial use cases have suffered from IoT infrastructure that w…

L'Oreal USA Taps into M2M to Entice Consumers
L'Oreal USA, the largest part of the L'Oreal Group of cosmetics, is set to begin bringing its advertising to life through M2M by making every consumer touch point a platform for mobile transaction and…

How M2M will Make the Move to Mass Market
It boils down to this: everyone thinks IoT is the next big thing, but there are so many piranhas in the pond that there's a good chance the industry gets eaten. Until the various developers start buil…

Caterpillar Sets Out to Bring M2M to Heavy Machinery
The world's largest maker of the world's heaviest stuff, Caterpillar, announced on March 18 that it will team up with Uptake, a predictive analytics company, to integrate M2M solutions into its produc…

New UK Budget Calls for Hefty IoT Investment
The English Parliament on March 18 heard a budget proposal from the George Osborne, Member of Parliament (MP) and Chancellor of the Exchequer for the British government. In it, he outlined the propose…

Cellular Links Between Devices Could Bring Balance to M2M Force
In the IoT, there are myriad ways to link devices into M2M networks: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, and new innovations like Z-Wave. Each, like Yoda warned, has dark and light sides. Ben Forgan, CEO at c…

Does the Industrial Internet of Things Live Up to All the Hype?
Remember the dawn of the Internet? Remember all the skeptics who didn't see its transformational genius? Remember how it became enormous? It's happening again.

Solar Flares Could Interrupt Electrical Grid and Effect IoT
Beginning with an active surface region on the surface of the Sun March 11, and continued with two coronal mass events, or solar flares, on March 15, the Earth is currently in the middle of a rare sev…

Competitions Invite IoT Entrepreneurs to Bring Best Innovations
It can be tough to be an innovator in the M2M space these days. There's a lot of sound and fury, and getting above the din can be challenging. One powerful way to get some attention and prove your sol…

Shipping Containers to Employ M2M Technology to Monitor Perishable Loads
Maersk Line North America, the North American arm of the world's largest shipping carrier, will deploy M2M sensors and tracking hardware throughout its refrigerated container fleet. Mark-It Services w…

Lean, Mean and a Profit Machine
This week I would like to highlight three webinars we are running today, tomorrow and a week from tomorrow. The webinars are talking about experience, strength and future of IoT solutions. So much of …

Danish Professor Gets $2.1 Million Grant for M2M Research
Professor Petar Popovski of Aalborg University on March 12 received a $2.1 million grant from the European Research Council (ERC) in order to develop his project, WILLOW, with the goal of creating a f…

Microsoft Goes MacroHardcore with Big IoT Announcement
On Monday, March 16, Microsoft used its annual Convergence conference in Atlanta to make a big move into IoT, announcing that Windows 10 is designed from the code on up to be M2M friendly and revealin…

New Survey Reveals Big Business' IoT Plans for 2015
New research, announced March 16, details several brands' broad plans for deploying security solutions for mobile devices and IoT, according to technology market research firm Infonetics Research, now…

Samsung Storms CeBIT 2015 with Bold IoT Strategy and Enterprise Platform Launch
CeBIT, one of the biggest and most influential IT shows in the world began today, March 16, and launch keynoter Won-Pyo Hong, President and CMO of Samsung Electronics, caused quite a stir with his exp…

2015 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Awards Call for Entries
- TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, today announced that applications are being accepted for the 2015 IoT Evolution Product of t…

How Safe Are You in the IoT?
The IoT is not a safe place. It's exciting, and growing and perhaps the most important area of technological innovation currently developing, but one thing it isn't is safe. And that's a problem, beca…

M2M Evolution Week in Review: Eurotech, BitYota, Accenture
It's been a pretty exciting week in M2M. Here on M2M Evolution, education and data were fighting over the throne, but the real winners were forward-thinking innovators in Ireland and renters in New Yo…

New Partnership to Bring Vending Machines into IoT Faster than Expected
One of the fastest growing parts of the consumer-facing M2M economy is in vending machines. The owners and suppliers of these machines want to know more about their units in the field and don't want t…

Adept Technology Launches New M2M-Enabled Fleet Management System
Some of the first industries to begin adopting M2M technologies in a big way are manufacturing and warehousing, which is no surprise considering they're also the two biggest users of automated and rob…

How IOT Will Change the Healthcare System
Healthcare is an industry where IoT "Smart Solutions" systems are changing the landscape of patient care. Healthcare providers have long been undergoing a wave of change thanks to recent technology su…

Amazon Acquires IoT Data Management Firm, Internet Explodes
In a widely reported but little understood move, Amazon recently acquired Denver-based IoT startup 2lemetry for an undisclosed sum. The purchase has inspired speculation from news outlets about what i…

Fight the Firehose: Four Steps to Keep Your IoT Data from Becoming Overwhelming
As companies install more and more M2M devices in their facilities, factories and customers' homes, the raw volume of data pouring into server banks will quickly become untenable and without a reliabl…

(Almost) Free IoT: Ireland's Nimbus Centre Offers Companies No-Cost Development
The largest IoT research center in Ireland, Cork Institute of Technology's Nimbus Centre, is offering Irish companies the chance to take advantage of its research and developers at no cost except for …

Utilities Can Find Opportunity in Mandated Metering, Say Insiders
Gas and electricity utilities are under a deadline in the UK to install Smart Meters in all British homes by 2020. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has called for similar proposals from its utility c…

Research Shows IIoT Knowledge Gap Lurking in C-Suites
A new series of surveys and other research about Industrial IoT (IIoT) from Accenture, a management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, seems to indicate that c-suite executives a…

New Polymer Insulating Film Could Form Basis of Next-Gen Devices
Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have synthesized a new type of ultra-thin polymer insulating film that could conceivably allow smaller and more flexible M2M senso…

New York City Activists Put Bad Landlords' Feet in the Fire with M2M
It's been bloody cold in New York City. Recently, a pair of do-gooders has been using M2M to put the heat on landlords who are freezing their tenants to save a few bucks-a perennial problem in lower-i…

Survey Says: 2015 is The Year That IoT Takes Over
This is shaping up to be a pretty big year. In 2015 we get to meet Marty McFly, hoverboards are the preferred method of travel and according to a recent survey of IT developers and development manager…

MWC Takeaways: IoT Creating Inflection Point for Service Providers
As expected, the Internet of Things was front and center at Mobile World Congress '15 and was the topic of keynote addresses, general sessions and vendor booths. Everyone wants a piece of the action i…

What's Holding Back the Connected Car?
For the past few years, the connected car has been promising to do for the car what iOS and Android have done for the phone, but it's not until consumers leave the lot that they realize the infotainme…

Synopsys Makes IoT Open Source with New Processor Platform Release
The key to broad adoption of technology has always been ease of access, and recently Synopsis made one aspect of IoT development much more accessible with its new embARC Open Software Platform.

The Adoption Challenge: PARC's Perspective
Perhaps I was a little tongue tied with my respect for PARC. After all, Apple would not be Apple were it not for the Star system designed by PARC. It was with that awe that I spoke with Mike Kuniavsky…

Adobe Marries Marketing Savvy to IoT Technology Through New Cloud Offering
At Adobe Summit, held March 9 to 13 in Salt Lake City, the company announced several new additions to its Adobe Marketing Cloud software that are designed to help brands build more powerful, personal …

SAP Shows Off IoT Demo at Mobile World Congress
The Mobile World Congress was last week in Barcelona, and IoT was, as you'd expect, a major theme. In addition to having CEO Bill McDermott as one of the standout keynoters and conscripting two of its…

Survey Shows Peaked Interest in Driverless Company Cars
Computing power has undoubtedly surpassed the sharpest of minds in quickness and accuracy, but are we ready to trust them to drive us from point A to point B?

Frost & Sullivan Names Savi Sensor Analytics Company of the Year
Savi Technology, a provider of sensor technology solutions for IoT, has been named Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year for its sensor analytics solutions. The analytics product suite is designed to i…

Security, Standardization Lead New Innovation in IoT Tech Development
New analysis has emerged today suggesting that global authorities and organizations are recognizing the importance of solving the interconnected problems of security and platform standardization befor…

New Smart Sensor Tracks Temperatures and Saves Products
One first step to building any IoT-ready supply chain has to be developing precise, automatic, smart data collection. Many companies are chasing the dragon of smart sensor technology, and today one ha…

Apple Helps Internet of Things 'Spring Forward' with ResearchKit
Yesterday, March 3, Apple held its first media event of the New Year. "Spring Forward" was heavily focused on Apple's push into the wearable gadgets space - the Apple Watch. We also got some MacBook a…

Ooredoo Brings Ericsson M2M to Indonesia in First Phase of International Rollout
International communications company Ooredoo launched on March 3 through subsidiary Indosat, an Indonesian telecom operator, an all-new M2M platform in Indonesia. The cloud-based Ericsson Device Conne…

Gemalto Announces 4G M2M Solution For Hazardous Work Environments
Gemalto has already established itself as one of the world leaders when it comes to digital security. Now the firm has announced a brand new Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solution that is allowing high-spe…

US Senators Introduce Resolution to Promote IoT
A lot of this attention and excitement around the issue of IoT comes from a May 2014 IDC report that projects the industry will generate about $8.9 trillion in global revenues by 2020, and these Senat…

Wyless Names Coffey CEO, Responds to KORE/RacoWireless Combination
Wyless has a new leader. The Internet of Things company revealed late last month that Mike Coffey has been elevated to the position of CEO. The news comes three months after the company's previous CEO…

M2M, IoT to Drive an Exploding Optical Networking Market
Driven by exploding bandwidth requirements from both traditional and emerging types of connected devices, the global carrier market for optical transport network (OTN) equipment is projected to reach …

Audi to Offer AT&T High-Speed Data Connectivity in All 2016 Models
Audi is a pioneer of connected car systems, unveiling the world's first automotive hot spot in 2013 and the first in-vehicle 4G LTE data connection - supplied by AT&T - in its 2013 A3 model. The compa…

The Soda Machine Is Smarter Than You Think; Connected Vending Machines on the Rise
Few people go up to a vending machine for a snack or a cold drink and think, this device might be smart. But a new report from Berg Insight notes that the global install base for connected vending mac…

AT&T Looks to Link Automated Home and Connected Car Services
There was a time when before you left your home you made one last walk through to make sure the burners on the stove and all the lights were switched off, and that the iron was unplugged. Thanks to th…

Qualcomm's 4G LTE Modems Speak to the Future of Automotive Connectivity
Qualcomm is already a key player in connected car programs at over a dozen leading global automakers. Snapdragon Automotive Solutions have been incorporating cutting-edge mobile technologies into the …

Can IoT MVNO's Ride the Netflix Net Neutrality Coattails
Recently, a friend referred the Net Neutrality order as the Netflix Easy Pass. The FCC's statement's that it intends to monitor interconnections is aimed at solving the consumer complaints about the e…

Audience Moves from Speech to Wearables, Internet of Things
At Mobile World Congress (MWC) this week, Audience is expanding the company's focus from voice processing into multisensory processing with its N100 processor. Natural Use Experience (NUE) is Audience…

Partnership Focuses on Enabling IoT Apps for Verticals
Larsen & Toubro subsidiary L&T Technology has joined the ThingWorx Partner Program, to create new Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for enterprises, especially in the tra…

New Altair Chipsets Can Expedite LTE's Application for IoT
Altair Semiconductor today officially unveiled new CAT-0 and CAT-1 LTE-only chipsets, which the vendor says will enable carriers to use LTE in Internet of Things deployments two years earlier than the…

What Does Your Urgent Care Center and the Video Billboard Have in Common?
Today, the billboards in my neighborhood have become video billboards and I get commercial like brevity as I drive along at 55 miles an hour. These digital signs are probably a great gateway for membe…

XmarteK Details Innovative RSM2M Solution, More
XmarteK was at ITEXPO Miami last month talking about its expansion, Lync, RSM2M, and SBCs. Juan Pablo Pazos, president of XmarteK, spoke with TMCnet on camera to provide details.

Clear2there Simplifies M2M and Automation Development by Partnering with Service Providers
Clear2there believes in the power of M2M technologies and their role in the burgeoning IoT trend. The company also has a very realistic view about the plethora of devices flooding the market, the dizz…

Cisco Releases Cisco Smart+Connected City Operations Center
Cisco's new Smart+Connected system, also known as "City Operations Center," is a software solution that offers a synchronized view of high-resolution blueprints, images, streaming camera data, and sys…

Mapping the Air for Drones
In the end drone regulation is like spectrum regulation, full of arbitrary dividing lines for use cases and sold off elevations.

In Wake of Acquisition, KORE Telematics Sees Big Things Ahead
As the economy continues to improve overall, many companies are starting to 'make their move' to take advantage of a better business environment. One of those companies is KORE Telematics, a world lea…

SIGFOX Raises $115 Million
Internet of Things network specialist SIGFOX this week announced it has raised $115 million in new funding. The new money will support the company's rollout of new networks in the Americas and elsewhe…

Time Warner Cable, Best Buy Get Together for More Intelligent Homes
Normally, thinking about Time Warner Cable brings to mind Internet access or television, not home furnishings and door locks. But a new arrangement with Best Buy is about to bring Time Warner Cable in…

Turning the Physical to Digital with Zebra
Zebra technology helps to "create a digital version of all your physical assets," that offer new levels of visibility, insight, control and experience. Its team sees mobile computing solutions, barcod…

Sprint: Focus is the Key to M2M Carrier Success
As the machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) space continues to gain serious traction, many carriers are beginning to diversify their services to accommodate what will likely be the ne…

Strategy Analytics: In 2022, M2M Will Reach Multi-Billion Connections
It's hard to think about 2022 with 2015 just getting started, but there are some who are already making some seven-year projections outward, and finding some very interesting notes on the other side. …

All This Great TLS Security of IoT and We Still Can't Use IPv6
ARM acquired Offspark for their PolarSSL technology. Polar SSL is a Transport Layer Security TLS solution that ARM is putting into its mbed IoT solution. On the surface this is a great addition. It pr…

The Industrial IoT Presents Massive Opportunities Along with Security Risks
The Internet of Things (IoT), along with M2M communications, is set to take off this year, fueled by a growing need for devices to communicate important information with each other. In fact, the McKin…

B+B Smartworx Connects Network Edge Intelligence to the Industrial IoT
Last month, B+B Electronics changed its name and business model to become B+B Smartworx. It was a logical move for a company that has spent decades focusing on intelligence at the edge of the network,…

oneM2M Announces Release 1 Specifications for M2M/IoT Technology
oneM2M, the global standards initiative for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), recently issued its Release 1 global standards to encourage successful development of …

Systech Modular & Programmable Gateway Helps Expedite M2M Implementations
Systech Corp. was at ITEXPO Miami and the IoT Evolution Conference & Expo last week talking about its new gateway solution, which can enable users to expedite the delivery of M2M solutions. Robert Lut…

IoT Takes Location Based Services to the Next Level
When I got the invite to speak Dev Patel, CEO of BitYota , it seemed far -fetched to me that advertising was going to be impacted by IoT. However, that was because my focus is so often on the Industri…

Wheelings & Dealings: In an Effort to Forward IoT Strategy, Intel Buys Lantiq
In what is clearly an Internet of Things-related play, Intel Corp. today revealed plans to buy broadband access and home networking semiconductor company Lantiq for an undisclosed sum. The deal is exp…

Standards-Based Breakout Draws Full Crowd at M2M Evolution Conference and Expo
If you thought holding a M2M, IoT standards-driven breakout session at 9 am the last day of the M2M Evolution Conference & Expo was a risky move, think again. Conversely, there was standing room only …

Hewlett-Packard CTO: The Next Industrial Revolution is Upon Us
The world is currently amidst one of history's greatest technological shifts driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), according to Chief Technology Officer at Hewlett-Packard (HP) Shane Wall. Wall took…

IoT and M2M, Possibilities Are Endless, Suggest ITEXPO Keynoters
Some of the world's leading experts on IoT and M2M took the stage this morning at ITEXPO for a keynote presentation titled "Integrating M2M and VoIP" to explore these very market predictions. The pane…

B-Scada Launches New IoT Initiative at ITEXPO 2015
B-Scada, a data access and visualization solutions provider for the industrial industry, is kicking off 2015 strong by unveiling its new Internet of Things (IoT) initiative at ITEXPO 2015, taking plac…

LogiSense Discusses Importance of a Usage Billing Model at ITEXPO 2015
Every communication service provider (CSP) knows the inherent complexities of back-office operations like billing, but perhaps no one is more familiar than Flavio Gomes, President of LogiSense Corpora…

Newly Rebranded B+B SmartWorx Tells IoT Story
The company formerly known as B&B Electronics just last week changed its name to B+B SmartWorx to emphasize its new focus on IoT, Mike Fahrion, director of product management at the company, told TMCn…

The Trends Ahead
I have been given the privilege of hearing a few stories under embargo for the M2M Evolution Conference & Expo. When I asked, I have been given quotes and in some cases I have articles written and wai…

151 Advisors Talks IoT Opportunities, Challenges
Strategic consulting firm 151 Advisors recently launched IoT/M2M and small cell/DAS practices, and is seeing strong business from international businesses that want to set up shop in the U.S., partner…

Telit Welcomes Standing Room Only Crowd to deviceWISE Global Summit 2015
The event, which drew 250 people, included a business track and a technology track, both about the Internet of Things. The audience consisted of a collection of enterprise representatives, operators, …

Horn Offers Update on KORE, Raco Integration
It's been a couple months since the announcement that KORE Telematics and RacoWireless are combining under the ownership of private equity firm ABRY. Today at ITEXPO, John Horn offered TMCnet an updat…

A Powerful Trio: PLC International, XmarteK and HiperPBX Talk M2M, VoIP at ITEXPO
When you think of some of the most powerful joint ventures out there, you might think about synergistic companies who have teamed together to mutually serve their markets, like Disney and Pixar or Goo…

Sigfox Operator Aerea Strikes M2M Deal with Tele2 in the Netherlands
Tele2 AB (Tele2) is a major European telecommunications operator, with about 34 million customers operating in 10 countries. It serves as a fixed-line telephone operator, cable and digital television …

Fantem Introduces Oomi Brining the Smart Home System to Everyone
Fantem, a developer of innovative products and solutions for the home, has introduced Oomi, the world's first smart home system built for the everyday tech enthusiast. Oomi is campaigning on indiegogo…

The Business of The Internet of Things - Smart Questions for Smart Devices
Can you feel it? That swelling, bubbling torrent of hype? It started as a gentle nudge, maybe you saw it in an article, maybe a friend mentioned it over dinner or maybe one of your colleagues suggeste…

Aeris Looks to Make Things Viral on the Internet
I am working on a number of articles about where the Internet of Things (IoT) is heading as we are rapidly accelerating in the general deployment and availability of IoT solutions. We have several tre…

Is Your IT Operation Ready for the Arrival of the Internet of Things?
If you thought that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement was a challenge to your IT Department, you better prepare for the digital disruption from the Internet of Things (IoT) that will literally rev…

Infonetics Research: Huge Gains to Come in Mobile M2M Modules
There's little room to deny that machine-to-machine (M2M) communications as a market has been very much on an upswing lately. With plenty of new technologies driving these systems and plenty of new ap…

The Connected Pet at CES 2015
If you were wondering how far the Internet of Things (IoT) was going to creep into our lives, you need look no farther than the family pet. A number of businesses at CES 2015 showed off their latest p…

Want to Succeed at M2M & IoT? Focus On Control.
The other day a friend and I were talking about smart watches, more specifically how neither of us had any interest in buying one. It wasn't that we didn't think they were cool, and I've got to admit …

'Smart' Fitness Experience Platform Unveiled at CES 2015
Zsolutionz , a tech company based on Fuzzy Logic Systems, presented its new smart fitness experience platform at the CES 2015. The Fuzz Logic Systems work to cohesively combine human reasoning with te…

SIM-based LBS: Breathing New Life into an Operator's Network with M2M connections
2014 saw some important developments in the telecommunications sector, as operators continued to come under pressure from Over-The-Top (OTT) services. With the reality for Mobile Network Operators (MN…

dog hunter Brings IoT, Open Source Software Together
The Internet of Things (IoT) has been getting a lot of press, and we're likely to see more of it now that the New Year is upon us. IoT can help with every day tasks and appliance usage. Our refrigerat…

Taoglas Sets Itself Apart with High-Quality Antennas for M2M Applications
When entering the market 10 years ago, Irish company Taoglas, which specializes in antenna design and optimization, decided to focus on M2M applications for a number of vertical markets. The decision …

What Hath CES Wrought.
Sometimes, I get in strange conversations. It's rare that I am caustic and by in large I try to be nice to everyone. However, I often pick up on what Kelly's Hero's called "Negative Vibes". In the con…

Select 2016 Subaru Models to Include AT&T 4G LTE Connectivity
AT&T and Subaru's American division recently released a joint announcement finalizing an agreement in which the former will provide wireless services to select 2016 Subaru models. Subaru's STARLINK in…

CES 2015: The (Over) Connected Home Arrives
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off this evening with its showcase event, CES Unveiled, packed full of new products and old reporters. Nary a PC or peripheral was on display as the Internet…

The Hybrid Cloud is Essential for IoT Growth in 2015
2014 was a major year for cloud computing, and technology moved well beyond the hype phase and into the planning, implementation and deployment phases. We got a chance to speak to Emil Sayegh, preside…

How High Tech Can Pursue Industrial Internet of Things Market
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one of today's biggest business opportunities in the electronics and high tech industry. Accenture defines IIoT as the convergence of intelligent industrial…

IoT Security: A Bold New World
After reading about its strides in security, Bold Technologies piqued my curiosity. I reached out to the company, and President Chuck Speck took some time to talk Bold, the Internet of Things (IoT) an…

Overwhelming Weight of Internet of Things Looms over CES 2015
I feel like Scrooge at the moment. I've been plowing through the 50 plus emails that arrived last hour (yes, last hour), inviting me to look at connected devices during International CES 2015 in less …

Follow the White Rabbit to a Bold Blue Ocean
Most major carriers/cable operators now offer home monitoring systems and I have wondered about the level of impact for the industry. My alarms systems could have been bought in the 50s. The keypad is…

Comverse Discusses the Digital Lifestyle Revolution and How it Will Impact Service Providers
When it comes to delivering the next wave of communications services, carriers and service providers need to start thinking differently and begin to change their business models to remain competitive.…

War Without Borders: Cyber IoT Terrorism
This week has been filled with news of terror from congressional reports on people, to threats on casinos and Hollywood. Ignoring all attempts to be moral and pulling this all from the specific to the…

DecaWave Sees Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and Micro-Location in 2015's Internet of Things
Anyone who's watched technology in the past ten years has seen it get increasingly personal. Desktop PCs have moved to laptops; the Internet has moved to smartphones and tablets; and email and messagi…

AT&T Comments about the Recent Past, the Future of M2M and the IoT
AT&T is a power player in all areas of communications, and M2M and the Internet of Things are no exception. In fact, as discussed in the fourth quarter issue of TMC's M2M Evolution magazine, AT&T spon…

Liif Pillbox Alerts On Missed Medicine
When talking about the wonderful world of machine-to-machine technology, the applications seem to be almost endless. The technology, in its current form, is still very much in its infancy - yet there …

The IoT Big Data Challenge
Telit/ILS is collaborating with the Google Cloud Platform to run their IoT Big Data Challenge-a virtual hackathon. The event has over 1000 entries expected, and is focused on the Asia/Pac and EMEA mar…

The Hot Spots of Retail
I am not quite sure I understand the advantage to Starbucks of having a Hotspot. Normally, I walk in and see a bunch of people who look like they can afford broadband in their home clinging to a chair…

Report Indicates Smart Grid Tech Revenues to Top $70B By 2023
While it is readily apparent that M2M and smart grid technology is only getting more popular, a new report attempts to tell us just how popular it really is getting. The report, issued by Navigant Res…

AT&T Drive Studio Announces LG as Newest Partner
AT&T has announced LG Electronics as the newest sponsor of its Drive Studio, the first connected car research and innovation center in the U.S. to be opened by a wireless carrier. Under this agreement…

It's Not Anthropomorphic: It's Automotive
"Let me introduce you to your new car. She came to be at the plant and has been waiting to be part of your life. Sounds weird right? Sort of like the OS in the movie "Her."

KORE + Raco = Global Scale? The M2M Rollup is Underway
The rollup is still underway. On Tuesday, November 11, KORE Wireless announced its purchase of RacoWireless. Recently, Boston-based Private Equity Firm, Abry Partners purchased a majority stake in KOR…

Wheelings & Dealings: IoT Players KORE, Raco Combine under ABRY Partners
Consolidation of the fragmented Internet of Things ecosystem has been expected, and it arrived today in the form of an announcement that M2M network specialist KORE is buying its peer RacoWireless. Th…

Getting Semantic about Sensors
The dialogue this week has been on data analytics. From aggregating raw sensor data to Web visualization, the story has been Big Data. Big Data, as a concept, is as nebulous as the cloud. Often wantin…

DSP Group and Yoga Partner on ULE IoT Secure Solution
As the Internet of Things only grows in popularity amongst consumers and companies alike, there are some firms that are looking to revolutionize the way its accessed. DSP Group, one of the leading pro…

Edusafety Partners with W-Locate to Enhance Student Safety
The latest news out of China concerns the safety of that nation's children. Parents try to protect their children as much as possible by making sure they follow curfews and stay in designated geograph…

Creating a 'Well Tempered' Network: M2M Security Firm Gets New Funds, Leader, Name
The M2M security provider formerly known as Asguard has changed its name to Tempered Networks, hired on the founder of F5 Networks as its new leader, and is telling the story of how it grew.

ORBCOMM SkyWave Acquisition Big Move for Internet of Things (IoT)
There's no doubt ORBCOMM is a company on the move. Last month, it announced a 16,000 unit order to monitor one of the nation's largest retail fleets. Now it plans to buy Canada-based SkyWave for $130 …

Intel Capital Makes Investment Moves: Eight Figures for 16 Startups
Intel is still known the world over as the biggest maker of chips on the planet, a development that's no mean feat given how much business has changed since Intel first got started. But even Intel mus…

Tele2 Gets Vertical All over the Place
The latest partnership with L&T Technology Services focuses on transportation and fleet management. Transportation includes: Auto, Aero, Rail, Shipping, Off Highway and specialized vehicles. While tra…

Google Copresence Takes Aim at Seamless Connectivity for iOS, Android
Google is working on intra-device, Internet-of-Things (IoT)-friendly communication with a functionality called Copresence. The feature will let Android and Apple iOS devices detect and communicate wit…

Limmex Selects Gemalto for M2M Connectivity
Depending whose account of events you believe, the wrist watch was invented anywhere between 1810 and 1868, and since that time it has continued to evolve by adding new functionalities throughout the …

Connected Cars: Great Internet of Things Market
It's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of potential use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT), because there are so many of these out there. From fleet telematics for use in cargo tracking t…

Blue Pillar: Bringing Energy Management to Enterprise Facilities
I had the opportunity to talk with Tom Willie the CEO of Blue Pillar. It was personally great fun for me because Tom and I had lived in a parallel world of Network Management Systems that were a great…

The Internet of Things Comes to the Enterprise
If you've been reading about the Internet of Things (IoT) market, you're probably wondering why all the buzz is about consumer products - wearables for health improvement, smart home technologies for …

Verizon Positioned in M2M Magic Quadrant by Gartner
Verizon has announced that Gartner has placed the carrier in its "Magic Quadrant" for its M2M offerings. Gartner recognized the company in its "2014 Magic Quadrant for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Service…

NetComm Wireless and Arrow Enter Distribution Agreement in North America
With the right collaboration, businesses can expand to new markets and find new opportunities to start providing the products and services they offer. Finding the right fit often times is difficult at…

Deutsche Telekom Intros European M2M Partner Program
Deutsche Telekom is a leading provider of M2M solutions and connections. In 2010, the company established an international M2M Competence Center to drive the internationalization within this business.…

Keep an 'Eye On' Your Home with Cloud Security Camera
iON, an imaging company that specializes in building cameras for market niches such as hunting and sports, has branched out into the home security market with the "iON the Home" product line.

FreeWave Launches Rugged I/O Solutions for Industrial M2M and IoT Applications
FreeWave Technologies, a leading provider of wireless Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions for leading companies in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) markets, has announced the WaveContact product…

Sensor Technology Driven by Smart Mobile Devices
Today's smart mobile devices are packed with many different technologies, including sensors with a wide range of functionalities. While most people are aware of the accelerometer and gyroscope in smar…

Kii's New Internet of Things Platform Hits Early Access Stage
There have been a great many developments in the field of late when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), and that's brought out an array of new products and services alike. But development is sti…

The Smart City Takes Shape in Chicago
Until a couple of weeks ago, I was under the impression that the 'Smart City' was either a concept for the future or something that was beginning to take root outside North America. That's when I lear…

SMBs See IoT Boosting Revenue
A new survey found that 26 percent of small- to medium-sized businesses and managed services providers expect the Internet of Things (IoT) to generate more money for them than any of the other current…

CompTIA Research Suggests Internet of Things Would Greatly Benefit Device Companies
In a recent study, the IT industry association leader CompTIA asserted that the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to create new business opportunities for current information technology (IT) compan…

INSIDE Secure Launches VAULTiTRUST Solution
INSIDE Secure, already a leader in embedded security solutions for both mobile and connected devices announced the launch of a new solution called VAULTiTRUST. This new solution is geared to be a trus…

Connected M2M Home Appliance Market Set to Grow at a CAGR of 49.98 Percent
Connected homes present one of the biggest opportunities for M2M technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). Before you even walk into the house, the outdoor lighting, security system, garage door op…

Homeboy: Do it Yourself, Connected-Everything Security
Modern home security and video surveillance tends to be a rather elaborate affair, involving professional installations, lots of configuration, complex management apps for phones and tablets, and a he…

Emergence of RFID Technology in Retail
Frost & Sullivan's market studies show the continued adoption of Radio frequency identification (RFID) across different end-user sectors and highlights that the technology has gradually gained promine…

Verizon 3Q Earnings up on Strength of Postpaid Service Subscribers and M2M
Last quarter was another strong one for Verizon, as the company reported improved earnings over the same quarter in 2013. In spite of a competitive market putting downward pressure on pricing, Verizon…

u-blox and Telenor Connexion Release 'Network Friendly' Cellular M2M Module
The latest news release from Swedish wireless communications company u-blox announces its partnership with Telenor Connexion, the machine-to-machine wing of the global mobile operator Telenor Group. T…

Leeo Creates a Combination Night Light and Smoke/CO Detector
A recently emerged startup from Palo Alto by the name of Leeo is seeking to simplify the installation of smart home technology. Leeo is a group comprised of a wide range of innovators from various suc…

Home Automation Company Launches Crowdsourcing Campaign for IoT Devices
The world of the Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived, and one Italian company is determined to jump on board. Authometion wants to bring IoT solutions to your home, and they are trying to raise €50,0…

Beyond the Role of Management at SeeControl
Like Amazon, SeeControl is designed as a cloud service, which gives them scale and efficiency to the point where their expectation is the customer can start with them as a market trial right from the …

Wireless, Rechargeable & Solar: FreeWave Unleashes New IoT Solutions for Use in Hazardous Environments
The Internet of Things is a hot new(ish) area of communications. But despite the excitement around and potential for IoT, many of its applications are not glamorous.

Ultra-Low Power Electronics to Benefit Proliferation of IoT Devices
The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up a revolution in devices that can power themselves without the use of traditional batteries or wired electric connections. These are devices such as wearables…

Cisco Launches Global IoT Challenge for Young Women
Increasing those numbers requires a concerted effort from public and private organizations to encourage young girls to take STEM classes early in their development and making opportunities available w…

VMware and Jasper Form Partnership to Simplify Enterprise IoT and EMM Adoption
The success of enterprises now requires the proper management of mobility solutions as well as the effective implementation of devices that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. As both …

Kerensen Consulting and SIGFOX Collaboration Aims to Speed Widespread IoT Adoption
From enterprise to consumer, the Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving and having an impact on consumers' expectations when purchasing products and services. Today, IoT is transforming the way organiza…

Wheelings & Dealings: Bluetooth and GPS Chipmaker CSR is Set to be Acquired by Qualcomm
There are two areas that the Internet of Things makes good use of, Bluetooth and GPS technology. By connecting multiple devices and being able to track every device from the moment it leaves the wareh…

Location-based Services Offer M2M Tracking, Marketing Capabilities
W-Locate provides SIM-based location services, utilizing mobile operator's already existing infrastructure to provide new services and network monitoring without the need for large capital expenditure…

New Regulations in Brazil Will Benefit M2M Market
Brazilian regulations regarding M2M devices on new vehicles will have an enormous effect on the telematics and fleet management market in the country. A law introduced by the Brazilian government in m…

Aeris Brings the Amazon Model to M2M
The Internet of Things can create great new savings and efficiency benefits to organizations. But, considering the fragmented ecosystem, getting a machine-to-machine implementation up and running is n…

GE Collaborates with Intel & Cisco on Predix Software Platform
GE has recently announced alliances with Intel and Cisco to create "Predix Ready" devices. Predix is a software platform developed by GE that aims to unify how devices connect to the Internet of Thing…

oort Launches First Product for its Smart Home and Business Ecosystem
Technology has finally reached a point where we can seriously consider the concept of a smart house as a realistic option. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has given us the ability to make it …

Report Suggests Strong Demand for Construction and Industrial Telematics
The construction and industrial sectors used heavy machinery to carry out single site projects as well as multinational infrastructure developments employing thousands of people. In order to keep trac…

GE, Accenture Say Predictive Analytics Can Drive Trillions in Growth
GE, a global electronics and appliance company, recently partnered with Accenture, a consulting and technological services firm, to release the global study, "Industrial Internet Insights from 2015." …

Efficiency Powered by Intelligence
No matter how you look at it, satellite technology's impact on the machine-to-machine (M2M) market is palpable. The landscape for oil and gas companies has evolved to a point where M2M applications ar…

Airbiquity Adds Slacker Radio and Stitcher to Choreo Connected Car Platform
Airbiquity has announced the launch of two new applications from Slacker Radio and Stitcher for its Driver Experience program, part of the Choreo connected car platform. Driver Experience allows for t…

Freescale Intros Internet of Things Gateway Reference Design
Internet of things is all about setting up an intelligent infrastructure comprising smart gadgets that are able to communicate with one another. Transmission, analysis and storage of data are three ke…

Wi2Wi Purchase Assets of Precision Devices
Wi2Wi Corporation has announced that it has entered into an asset purchase agreement with Precision Devices.

NetComm Announces Partnership with Wyless
NetComm Wireless has announced that it has inked a deal with Wyless to provide cellular M2M devices.

How Big are the Connected Device, IoT Markets?
Market researcher Gartner forecasts that 26 billion connected devices will be online by 2020. Among those devices are dongles such as the Chromecast that allows TVs to display Internet-delivered conte…

Windows 10's Surprising Connection to the Internet of Things
While there have already been several things said about Windows 10, from its design to its intent and so on, there's one thing that really hasn't been heard much yet, and now, it's starting to come ou…

Re-Engineering 2.0: The Impacts of IoT
David Sherburne, the director of Global R&D Effectiveness/ Engineering IT at Carestream Health and Thingworx's, vice president of Marketing, Dan Murphy, will participate in an upcoming webinar, that w…

GoPro Gains Attention in the App World
Mobile app development was originally created for a phone's built in capabilities, yet with the growth of the IoT (Internet of Things) and smart devices, app development has taken a turn.

Partnership Between HTC and Trustonic Enables Trust Enhanced Services on Connected Devices
One thing that will always be of paramount importance is security. The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating opportunities to have more machine-to-machine (M2M) connections. As more companies embrace p…

Installed Base of Fleet Management Systems to Hit 12 Million in Americas
Companies with fleets of vehicles started deploying telematics solutions 30 years ago in order to track their assets as they crisscrossed the country delivering goods and services. Even though the tec…

Smartenit and Broadcom Announce Collaboration for Home Automation Solutions
While the Internet of Things (IoT) will connect billions of devices in the future, not every connection is going to be monetized. The vast majority will be used for infrastructure applications to impr…

Deutsche Telekom and Paradox Engineering to Improve IoT Services
According to a research, smart factory investments are expected to generate revenues of $246 billion by 2018, a CAGR of eight percent from 2013 to 2018. As companies continue to improve their infrastr…

Tesla and Orange Team Up for Connected Cars in France
Tesla is one of the hottest car companies in the world, mainly because of the ways the company has changed the car production model. Now the company is apparently taking the next step by teaming up wi…

JavaOne is Going and What are You Going to do about IoT?
This week Oracle is running Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne together, and it's been a lot of fun to look at the press and sessions running at the show. Like so many other aspects of the Internet of Thing…

Velvetwire Introduces Eco-Friendly Apple HomeKit Device
Today Velvetwire has announced the creation of the first ever Apple HomeKit device. Velvetwire, a company focused on a smart energy future, has introduced Powerslayer Blu, its Apple HomeKit-enabled US…

Spike Malware Toolkit: How Your Thermostat Could Hack a Bank
Whether it's a lake cottage, an apartment, a McMansion or a little house in the country, it's home sweet home for a great many people out there. But that home might not be so sweet with a new developm…

Swisscom Simplifies M2M Deployment with Cloud-based AEP
A successful M2M deployment is composed of many different components, and if any one of them is not properly implemented it can be a very costly mistake. This is especially true for multinational depl…

A Kill Switch for Cars?
Anyone familiar with the repossession process knows that it can happen at any time. Repo men, as such are often referred to, can arrive at most any time of day, in broad daylight, at dinner, or even i…

Wheelings & Dealings: Huawei Bulks up IoT Presence with Neul Purchase
With the field of machine to machine (M2M) communications making huge strides, and its attendant field the Internet of Things (IoT) poised to do likewise, it's not surprising to see other firms lookin…

New Kii Dedicated Platform Gives Enterprises More Control Over Apps
Businesses across many different industries are creating apps to allow employees, partners and customers to interact with the organization on their mobile device more efficiently without having to nav…

Frequently Asked Questions About M2M Scaling Solutions
Syed "Z" Hosain, chief technology officer at Aeris has been working with me on a series of M2M-related webinars over the last few weeks and has been candidly sharing a wealth of information. As a resu…

Wind River's Intelligent Platforms and Operating Systems Support Internet of Things
In the latest deployment of their broad range of products supporting the Internet of Things (IoT), Wind River announced today that Airbus Defence and Space is using its platform for its long endurance…

United States Increasingly Plugged in with 10 Percent of Global M2M Connections
Machines increasingly talk to machines. That's the essential basis behind machine to machine (M2M) connectivity, and it's showing up in increasing numbers around the world. With personal, commercial a…

Arduino, Atmel Unveil IoT Arduino Add-on
Arduino, the company behind the popular homebrew embedded systems platform, and Atmel have announced the launch of the Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101. With the new product, users can create rapid prototypes…

Research Firm Highlights Need for Standardization in Home Automation Market
According to research performed by Parks Associates (PA), serious home automation customers place a high value on device interoperability. Currently, it appears the only way that happens in practice i…

Weightless Launches New Standard for IoT Connectivity: Weightless-N
While the Internet of Things (IoT) is posing both threats and opportunities just about anywhere it goes, there's one critical point that often keeps coming up: bandwidth. Yes, the IoT requires a means…

M2M Evolution Week in Review: Transportation and Smart Cities
Machine to Machine (M2M) communications are the backbone to an entire futuristic lifestyle that experts refer to as the Internet of Things. By having devices that can communicate with one another thro…

Omega DevCloud Makes Communications Easier as M2M, IoT Grow in Popularity
RacoWireless, a machine-to-machine (M2M) service provider, is making communications with Internet of Things (IoT) applications much easier with the new Omega DevCloud product.

Red Hat Expects to Play Important Role in IoT for Enterprises
Red Hat, a provider of open source solutions, uses a community approach to cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. The company also provides its customers support, training …

Numerex Plays Both Consumer, Industrial Fields in M2M
Machine-to-machine (M2M) is largely misunderstood when it comes to the consumer market, mostly because consumers are not as concerned with the technology driving much of their mobile devices. Mobility…

Connected Car M2M Connections and Services Market Set to Grow
Although it is a matter for debate, many credit Karl Benz for inventing the automobile in 1886. Almost 130 years later the concept is still the same, to provide a mode of transportation point A to poi…

Vodafone Report Reveals More Organizations Will Deploy M2M Solutions
When new technologies are introduced in the marketplace businesses wait and see how it is being applied by industries across all sectors in order to determine its long-term viability. Machine-to-Machi…

M2M and IoT Market Size by Connections and Revenue Forecast for Q2 2014
We are moving toward a world where more devices are able to communicate with each other. There are two industries that can be considered as definitely leading the way. When we talk about machine-to-ma…

ecobee Thermostats Deliver on Hardware and App Front
Although a thermostat is an important component in the home, the vast majority of people probably didn't pay much attention to them until the acquisition of Nest by Google for $3.2 billion earlier thi…

Cisco Launches Connected Rail Solutions
Cisco has recently been focusing on improvements to commutes and travel in general with its Connected Transportation Solutions, an Internet of Things (IoT) initiative to introduce interconnectivity in…

Report: Unlock Revenue Streams with Industrial Internet of Things Services
For innovative businesses that can provide service opportunities in the growing industrial Internet of Things market, new revenue sources await, according to a new report from Accenture.

Digital Security Services to Prove Major Part of Business Landscape
Securing a company's data and records has never seemed quite as important as it does these days. With high-profile hackings from major businesses like Target and The Home Depot, it's become clear that…

IoT Gateway to Benefit from Distribution Partnership
A provider of Internet of Things wireless products announced this week that it has partnered with a Fortune 500 business process service company to distribute its LTE gateway.

When it Comes to the Internet, Satellite is Part of the Mix
The problem with that strategy is that full implementation and total cost is never really considered. Additionally, not exploring the possibilities and planning for the satellite enabled devices can l…

DLink Announces Day & Night Wi-Fi Baby Monitor
For all the new parents, baby monitors come as a huge sigh of relief, as they provide the much needed peace of mind that their baby is sleeping fine in the crib.

LogLogic Provides Visual Analytics Tools to Visually Mine Data
Increasingly, everything is becoming more connected. Examples include the Internet of Things or even a company's private infrastructure. Into this environment, LogLogic, a unit of Tibco, has created a…

Keeping Up: IoT Developer Announces New Strategy for Expansion
A developer of Internet of Things applications has announced its latest strategy for development with which the company will seek to provide interconnectivity between mobile and desktop devices, gadge…

Growth in M2M Attracting Providers to Australia
The communication taking place between machines is driving considerable opportunity in the wireless world. Providers are recognizing opportunities and the build-out of 4G LTE networks is opening up 2G…

M2M Evolution Week in Review: The Rapidly Growing Connected Device Market
Connectivity is key to Machine-to-Machine communications, and a wide variety of different wireless channels like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth offer a host of options. Especially with the looming possibility of…

The IoT Requires Collaboration, Strategic Partnerships to Reach Its Potential
The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses a broad spectrum of devices, systems and protocols and is basically a complex ecosystem that is neither easily defined nor managed. And that's why Wind River, …

Lining the Nest: Nest Now Works with Several Key Home Automation Systems
While Nest was commonly regarded as a great new feature in home automation, there was one important point that was holding it back, as far as some considered. That key point was that Nest didn't work …

Management is Key for All But the Simplest M2M Deployments
Machine-to-Machine communications, known as M2M, is one of the hottest trends in tech right now even if it doesn't garner the attention of consumer-facing innovations such as the iPhone.

Vodafone Talks M2M At ITEXPO Las Vegas
Machine-to-machine (M2M) is a term normally heard within IT departments. Typically, the practice is found within large organizations that can afford and want to maintain their own data networks. The t…

Is It Time To Expand? Over 500 Smart Devices in Homes by 2022
The Gartner report in question reaches this conclusion from two critical junction points; one, that the market for smart home materials will not only mature by 2022, but the market will also be somewh…

SkyWave Unveils Cellular Gateway, Tells Connectivity Story
SkyWave, a satellite network operator catering to the M2M market, introduced the SG-7100 cellular gateway platform this week at the CTIA event in Las Vegas.

MapR Technologies Achieves 100 Million Data Points Per Second Ingest
Data is being created at an incredible rate in today's digital environment, and analyzing this information to deliver valuable insight requires powerful software and hardware. Companies are making new…

Cloud-Based Xively Platform Offers Unique Approach to Internet of Things
Xively has a unique approach to the Internet of Things (IoT), right down to the spelling of its name (pronounced "Zively"). The company, a division of remote access and file sharing company LogMeIn, w…

Verizon Takes Sharing Services to a New Level
Monday morning Verizon announced its newest sharing service technology that they expect to lead to a platform of sharing virtually anything.

Get Yer Motor Runnin' with Verizon Auto Share
Verizon is bringing out the Verizon Auto Share app, a service that offers much the same as other, similar services, but with some key distinctions.

Connected Car Market Gears Up for Fast Growth
In spite of relative low renewal rates currently, this market is also expected to increase dramatically at a CAGR of 38.1 percent, with 16.6 million subscribers in 2013 growing to 158.9 million subscr…

M2M Breakthroughs Impact Clean Energy and Direct Product Communication
The concept of machines talking to machines seems like it should be something out of the next sci-fi movie. We've seen it played out before and it usually doesn't end well for the humans trying to pre…

New Study Looks at Use of Connected Devices in the US
The vast majority of the devices we purchase today are being manufactured with features that allow them to be connected to the Internet. This connected ecosystem is part of the growing Internet of Thi…

Delivering 'The Connected Home'
Remote security and home monitoring systems have seen enormous growth over the last year. In 2013, sales of wireless embedded smart home monitoring devices, including motion sensors, smart thermostats…

M2M Evolution Week in Review: M2M and IoT
Machine to Machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are two major technologies expected to change the way technology is used in the world hand-in-hand. M2M communications allow several devices t…

New Report Reveals the Value of Low-Power, Wide-Area for the IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) needs a communications infrastructure that is efficient and economical in order to connect the billions of devices that will be deployed around the world. With each device…

Smart Factories: Implications on Product Design- Will it Help Build New Possibilities?
The fast paced electronics industry is being driven by unique and complex product designs. There seems to be an insatiable desire to create electronics that, quite frankly, edge closer to boggling the…

Wheelings & Dealings: IFTTT Lands Eight Figures to Drive Interconnected Everything
In a funding round that brought in some heavyweight names like Norwest Venture Partners and Andreessen Horowitz, IFTTT landed $30 million in a bid to help drive its plans to help users connect all onl…

MDM Takes on New Importance as Greater Part of EMM
The rise of mobile devices has allowed for some substantial new benefits to business users. From improved flexibility to certain mobile-only applications to even a mobile workforce, the mobile device …

Smartplug Maker Zuli Raises $1.65 Million in Seed Funding
According to the latest research by International Data Corporation (IDC) on the Internet of Things (IoT), released in June of 2014, the forecast for the worldwide market is to grow from $1.9 trillion …

Ovum Attaches Numbers to M2M Growth: Predicts More Jockeying for Market Share by Telecoms
The machine-to-machine revolution brought on by Internet of Things technology is already upon us: the technologies are there and have an array of customers across the broad spectrum of global industry…

If You Don't Tell Anyone, the Spectrum Will
I got a note this week from a friend who needs our help to get a point across to the FCC. His conversations with the FCC have been focused on the 3.5 GHz spectrum opportunities that carriers want to u…

Eurotech Describes How Its Internet of Things Technology Can Help Cities Clean Their Air
The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is providing solutions for industries across the board, from manufacturing to healthcare to energy. It also just might be the means to helping municipalities cl…

Wi-Next Selects Axiros for IoT Cloud Application Development
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that requires a robust communication platform in order to connect all the devices that will be part of the ecosystem. The more communication options busine…

The Evolution of M2M Leads to Growing Opportunities
The idea of machines talking to each other is the perfect fodder for Hollywood Sci-Fi. For years, we've been inundated with the dangers associated with artificial intelligence. Who didn't watch iRobot…

Growing Number of Consumers and Fleet Managers Comfortable with UBI
Consumers also indicated that they would be interested in knowing how other members of their families operate their vehicles. Since 2013, the number of people willing to use telematics to know how the…

IoT Semiconductor Manufacturer Releases Development Kit
The product description on the company's website says the kit is geared toward developers at all stages and in all arenas -- everyone from developers in startups to established manufacturers. The embe…

M2M Evolution Week in Review
M2M devices are also popular within the home, and one of the most common uses for it is in home security. Between video surveillance units, automatically locking doors and emergency contact systems, a…

M2M Applications Will Drive the M2M Network Security Market to Grow
This report takes into account revenue generated from the sales of M2M network security products. This includes embedded SIMs on the machine side and gateways at the network level. It also presents th…

Fog Computing: Drawing Dreams Closer
It's easy to see cloud solutions as the Internet brings us cheap (better) services. Cynics with age as a benefit think of it as time sharing, with better parsing. The reality is that much of the cloud…

Berg Insights: 3G/4G to Dominate M2M by 2018
The research firm Berg Insight has predicted that 3G and 4G service will dominate the M2M mobile industry by 2018 as customers run more demanding and data-hungry applications in a new report.

Dialog Semiconductor and Energous Team Up To Make Charging Without Wires Reality
In the run up to the IoT era, people are becoming increasingly more dependent on application-heavy, power hungry devices. It seems people want to take the concept of mobility to the next level by thro…

The Internet of Things is Coming Fast, With Open Source Tools Paving the Way
The Internet of Things is often talked about, but it seems like little development is actually taking place in the field. Experts say that the future will grant Internet access to even the most mundan…

M2M Evolution Week in Review
In the very near future, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to play a large role in most people's day-to-day lives. Devices and appliances will communicate wirelessly with another through variou…

How a Traffic Light Proved the Need for IoT Security
The promise represented by machine to machine (M2M) communications, and the more physical representation of same the Internet of Things (IoT), has captured imaginations around the world. From the idea…

Broadcom Wireless Partners with Netatmo, a Smartphone-Controlled Home Thermostat
A company called Netatmo may be helping to kick off the Internet of Things (IoT), starting with your thermostat. Netatmo wants to deliver smartphone-controlled home thermostat devices that allow users…

Our Biggest Asset May be a Concept
The terms IOT, IOE, M2M and Smarter Planet are all aimed at helping us to understand the fact that there is something new on the horizon. Like a friend pointing at something behind you, though, the po…

Car-to-Car Safety Communications: Now More Likely Than Ever
It's hard not to be in favor of saving 49 lives a year by most any means, and thankfully, this is still mostly an issue for new cars. The used car market isn't likely to be impacted by this new legisl…

Research Predicts Wireless M2M Growth of 21 Percent by Year End
Berg Insight, a research firm based in Sweden, says it expects the number of connections to reach 213.9 million by the close of the year. Furthermore, it expects growth to continue through at least 20…

Telematics Coming to Construction Equipment
A global manufacturer and provider of construction and industrial products announced recently that it has entered into a partnership that will help it develop industry telematics solutions.

ActivePERS Detects Falls and Monitors Seniors
The aging process slowly but surely reduces our physical and mental acuity, affecting each of us differently, but eventually resulting on the dependence of others to take care of us. Elderly care is a…

SmartHome Ventures Releases PEQ a Smart Home System for the Everyday Consumer
A recent report by Forrester Research shows one third of consumers are interested in smart home technology, yet only one to two percent implemented connected devices, allowing remote management, into …

Research: Security, Home Controls System Make up 64 Percent of Smart Devices
A new research paper, "The Internet of Things: Business Models & Opportunities" has revealed that 64 percent of all smart devices are part of the security of home control systems.

M2M Evolution Week in Review
It was a week packed with news in the M2M space, from partnerships and market growth projections, to M2M Evolution Conference and Expo product showcases and announcements. So with that said, let's jum…

Wheelings & Dealings: Samsung Pushes Home Automation with SmartThings Acquisition
The rise of the automated home, as part of the growing machine to machine (M2M) communications sector exemplified by the Internet of Things (IoT), has been front and center for an increasing number of…

Research Predicts a 90 Percent CAGR of LTE Powered M2M Connections Market Through 2020
The excitement is building for the upcoming 'Internet of Things,' which dangles the tantalizing image of a world where devices wirelessly communicate with one another to achieve complicated synchroniz…

AT&T VP of Advanced Mobility Talks Going Beyond Technicalities at ITEXPO 2014 Keynote
It's time to think beyond the basics and to travel further than technology. This was the message relayed by AT&T's VP of advanced mobility solutions Mike Troiano during a special keynote presentation …

How the Internet of Things Will Transforms Our Lives (and Why You Should Be Worried)
Recent research indicates that the IoT and machine-to-machine communications market will grow to nearly $500 billion by 2019, but despite that growth, there are still some kinks to work out as the IoT…

Gemalto Wins M2M Evolution Product of the Year
Gemalto, a globally recognized digital security provider, has been awarded the 2014 M2M Evolution Product of the Year Award by TMC for its innovation in the company's new SensorLogic Agent, an embedde…

Shark Tank Contestant Siminoff Tells Doorbot Story at StartupCamp9
The opportunity for specialized devices on the Internet of Things frontier appears to be limitless, but getting such solutions from concept to reality is no easy feat. Tonight at StartupCamp9 at ITEXP…

US Businesses Lag Behind in IoT Sensor Usage
A multinational professional services network suggests in a recent news report that U.S business involvement in the Internet of Things is lagging behind Asia with respect to sensor adoption.

RacoWireless Announces Game-Changing Application Design Platform
Numerous businesses will announce or launch innovative new products and solutions at ITEXPO this year, but the RacoWireless Omega Dev M2M application design platform is sure to be remembered as one of…

For IoT Security, PKI Deserves a Second Look
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been a reliable security player for 20 years but has never been used to the fullest extent possible. However, the security needs of IoT are giving PKI the closer lo…

IoT: Did You Say Trillions, with a T?
AT&T is clearly one company with an eye to the future. One of its most popular offerings, Application Development and Managed Services offers the AT&T M2M Application Platform - toolbox aiding in smoo…

Understanding IoT Data Will Give Businesses an Edge
The Internet of Things, in which objects of all kinds communicate with each other, generates a huge amount of data each and every day. And with the IoT expected to expand at a rapid pace in the upcomi…

How Much New Revenue will M2M Actually Create?
The M2M or Internet of Things (IoT) market might be viewed as the biggest single revenue opportunity for any mobile service provider, as billions of additional devices acquire communications capabilit…

GPS Mobile to Offer ZTR Control Systems' Telematics Solutions
GPS Mobile Solutions, Inc., has entered into a partnership with ZTR Control Systems.

M2M Evolution Week in Review
Machines are abuzz with chatter amongst themselves these days. Machine to machine (M2M) solutions continue to evolve in new and exciting ways, and as such there is plenty of news being generated in th…

What IBM'S TrueNorth Processor Means for the Internet of Things
For some time now, according to reports, IBM has been working on developing a processor that works in a similar fashion to the human brain. It's not that IBM hasn't already had quite a bit of success …

Can M2M Prevent Messy Environmental Spills (and PR Crises)?
A North American mining company is finding itself in a very tough position. According to news reports, its mining tailing pond burst, sending an estimated 10 million cubic metres of water and 4.5 mill…

Wireless Charging Devices on the Horizon
Not so long ago, I read a blog about customer service's issues with customers. One point in particular noted that some customers were offended that wireless devices needed to be plugged in in order to…

The Internet of Things Making a Splash in Retail Circles
It's easy to see where the Internet of Things (IoT) concept is gaining a lot of ground in a lot of different places. Homeowners are loving IoT for its ability to put control of a home's systems into a…

Frontier Secure to Offer Deals That Include Nest Thermostat
Frontier Secure announced this week that it will soon be offering a number of computer security and support packages that include the Nest Learning Thermostat.

The Internet of Things' Market Value Could Reach Trillions by Decade's End
It wasn't hard to see that the Internet of Things (IoT) market had plenty of room to grow. The increasing numbers of devices that comprised this market, the increasing numbers of functions that these …

TWC, Synchronoss Go Device-Agnostic for Home Automation
Time Warner Cable is enhancing its home security and home management solution, IntelligentHome, with the Integrated Life Platform from Synchronoss Technologies.

The Horizontal is Becoming More Vertical: What that Means to You
The acquisition of Axeda by PTC, following PTC's acquisition of Thingworx, brings up the question: What is the most important aspect of a platform?

Backdoor Remote Signals Could Let Hackers Wirelessly Unlock Your Car
Virtually every motor vehicle on today's roadways use some form of remote keyless entry to unlock the doors of the car. Called a wireless key fob, these devices have made locking and unlocking vehicle…

ORBCOMM to Help Decker Truckline Manage Refrigerated Trailers
Announced today, 500 of Decker Truckline's refrigerated tracker trailers will soon be equipped with ORBCOMM's tracking and monitoring solution to help improve the way the transportation company manage…

Putting Sensors to Work as a Complement to Wearable Tech
Wearable technology in general is an amazing field. Every day, there are new devices looking to offer the ability to track fitness or gauge vital signs or do any of literally dozens of other things. B…

Multi-Tech Systems Wins 2014 M2M Evolution Product of the Year Award
M2M Evolution Magazine, the premier publication of TMC covering the machine-to-machine movement, recently recognized Multi-Tech Systems' QuickCarrier USB-D cellular modem with the prestigious 2014 M2M…

ThroughTek to Exhibit at M2M Evolution in Las Vegas
Taipei, Taiwan - Aug 9, 2014 - ThroughTek Co., Ltd. announced today that it will be showcasing its Central Management Platform (CMP) at the M2M Evolution Conference & Expo, to be held August 12-14, 20…

M2M Evolution Week in Review
As we push further into the 21st century, technology continues to evolve in leaps and bounds, and so do our relationships with that technology. In a world where machines are beginning to talk in more …

Dashing Past the Platform Plateau
I recently had a great conversation with Greenwave Systems CMO Nate Williams - the subject of which was what is driving the market and making it so we can reach the next level of adoption. And while I…

Mobile Workforce Trends: (In-Field) Information is Power
Mobile workforce technology is now enabling top performing organizations to evolve from reactive to proactive service, where the focus is increasingly on addressing issues before they occur.

The First Brain Suck was Free
The LinkedIn request was pretty simple: "Can I talk to you about the M2M market?" I agreed, assuming the discussion was going to be the aftermath of a job interview. An hour later, though, it was c…

Birdi Sniffs Out Air Pollutants with M2M
As we advance further into the twenty-first century, more and more ways of applying and utilizing M2M continue to come forward, all with the achievement of one common goal in mind: user convenience. B…

7 Connected User Trends to Watch Out For
As consumers are purchasing more and more 'smart' devices; smartphones, tablets, wearables and home devices, there is a greater expectation that full functionality must be achievable anywhere on the p…

Major Growth Predicted in OEM and Aftermarket Telematics
According to a new study, OEM and Aftermarket Telematics are expected to exhibit massive market stimulation, reaching 600 million cellular network connections by 2019.

M2M and Big Data Are Transforming the World (and it Doesn't Look at All Like Skynet)
Back in 1984-yes, 1984-James Cameron's "Terminator," and Arnold Schwarzenegger's unforgettable line, "I'll be back," sent a shiver up the world's spine. The movie tapped into a deep-seated fear we hum…

M2M Evolution Week in Review
The world of machine to machine (M2M) technology is developing rapidly, both in terms of the technologies being produced and the business deals flourishing as a result. It's been another busy week in …

The Internet of Things Will Keep Demand for Standalone Bluetooth ICs Consistent
According to the market research firm ABI Research, Bluetooth is widely seen as the global dominant short-range connectivity solution. It has universal penetration with respect to the mobile device ma…

Wheelings & Dealings: PTC to Acquire Axeda
When it comes to M2M, what better way to improve connectivity services than for two companies to connect themselves? A new partnership in the industry is doing just that.

'Whisper' Internet Networks Revolutionize IoT Market with Low-Power Connectivity
The Internet of Things promises to connect all of your devices together for interoperability, and even seeks to add Internet-friendly features to existing products like cars and home appliances for en…

You Don't Need the Dollar or the Code, Just the Dream
"Anything the mind can conceive, it can achieve" is the great quote that Napoleon Hill always used. We are going to test it out at M2M Evolution with the Fast Pitch event sponsored by AT&T.

2G Modules Lose Ground In North America, Rest of World Picks up the Slack
Between smart homes, connected cars, and a growing host of industrial and corporate applications, machine to machine (M2M) communications is a field with plenty of new opportunity almost every day. A …

Enterprises in South Africa Turning to Smart M2M Solutions to Improve Efficiency
Developed countries around the world are deploying different components of the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve their communities. This process is much easier in these countries because they have t…

New Bracelet Helps with Water Conservation
Banyan Water, a smart water management company, recently announced the release of a new water monitoring device that will shake things up in the water conservation world.

Automile and Telit Partner to Improve Connected Car Experience
The freight industry has been using telematics solutions before the Internet of Things (IoT) was ever coined. Granted the 18 wheelers crisscrossing the country didn't have the same technology availabl…

Businesses Should Examine Several Factors When Deploying and Expanding their M2M Plan
In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity is key and machines must be able to reliably communicate with other machines. Companies of all sizes, hailing from a variety of industries, are…

Wind River Announces Upgrade to VxWorks Solution
There is very little doubt that the machine-to-machine market is growing every single day. Some reports indicate the market is going to top out at more $731 billion by the end of 2020. This is why it …

More than Half of Broadband Households in the US Have Health and Wellness Devices
More of the devices we use are able to connect to the Internet, allowing them to transmit data that can be used by service providers, emergency responders, healthcare professionals and many others. Th…

Telit and Telefonica Join Forces in M2M Service
Telit, a machine-to-machine (M2M) module, service, and solutions provider, has been appointed to Telefonica's M2M Channel Partner Program. With this appointment, Telit's m2mAir Mobile can offer local …

M2M Evolution Week in Review
The connected world is expanding every day, and as such there are always new developments taking place in the M2M market. From funding rounds and acquisitions to new reports on market competition, thi…

Wheelings & Dealings: Samsung Set to Acquire SmartThings
Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), the concept of the smart home is beginning to be realized. Of course, for this to happen, you need a combination of systems and procedures to work hand in hand …

Settling on Spectrum Sharing Systems to be Easier with 'Model City'
Spectrum is a difficult thing to manage; there's only so much of it to go around, and there are plenty of potential uses for it. From online connectivity to television signals to connected cars to app…

Saving Money Through Smart Meters in the UK
The next wave has hit in the form of smart meters, which automatically replay readings back to the utility company. Given our highly connected world, and the ease of cellular and wireless connections,…

Spark Labs Completes Series A Funding, CEO Talks IoT
Recently it was discovered that a great many venture capital operations--including those from big names like Cisco, Intel, and Qualcomm-were putting big investment in operations focused on the Interne…

Senior Citizens Could Be a Large Target Market for the Internet of Things
Senior citizens are stubborn when it comes to admitting that they need help, but Internet of Things solutions could make it so that they can do much more on their own as well as stay in contact with e…

Windows Developer Program for the Internet of Things Begins to Roll Out
Towards the end of May, Microsoft held a Surface event, which of course referred to Microsoft's series of tablets. The main purpose of the event was to introduce the new Surface Pro 3. However, if you…

Wheelings & Dealings: Vidyo Brings Total Capital Raised to $139M with New $20M Round of Financing
One company looking to harness all the possibilities of an increasingly connected world is Vidyo, which received a new $20 million round of funding to further that effort.

Sierra Wireless Remains in Top Spot for M2M Revenue, Shipments
Recent analysis from forecasting and research organization ABI Research shows that Sierra Wireless has maintained its position as the top generator of revenue for machine to machine (M2M) sales.

Machine to Machine Solutions Week in Review
This week in machine to machine (M2M) news, TMC discussed that growth of M2M deployments within a range of industries, previewed the new mobile satellites from Ventev Wireless, and discussed the highl…

M2M Evolution Week in Review
With the World Cup roaring to a close, the world is abuzz-but it's not just soccer fans who are talking. Devices are communicating with each other more and more each day, and as such the M2M space is …

Cisco, Intel, and Qualcomm Put Big Money Behind Startups In One Key Field
Cisco, Intel, and Qualcomm are investing major cash into startups involved with the Internet of Things.

Amtel to Buy Newport Media for $140 Million
Amtel, a global microcontroller manufacturer that works with embedded devices, has agreed to purchase Newport Media, a wireless and cellular system-on-a-chip developer.

Mobile Asset Tracking
If your company's fixed assets are tracked on a piece of paper or within an Excel spreadsheet, you may be losing a substantial amount of time and money. An automated asset tracking system provides cle…

FreeWave Primed to Capitalize on Fast-Growing Industrial M2M Market
The industrial segment of the machine-to-machine (M2M) market is one of fastest growing parts of the overall Internet of Things (IoT) landscape.

Samsung, Intel and Dell Join Forces to Create Connectivity Standards for the IoT
The definition of the Internet of Things (IoT) is fairly straightforward: a scenario in which objects, animals or people are provided with unique identifiers and given the ability to transfer data ove…

Home Depot Makes Official Launch of The Wink Home Collection
Only a couple weeks ago Quirky dropped plans to make Wink-the sector of its business devoted to machine-to-machine (M2M) communications technology-its own operation, after coming to the realization th…

Meet the LG Appliances That Will be Chatting with You Soon
The Internet of Everything (IoE) looks to connect virtually everything on the planet, with the goal of making it smarter. Knowing what you need based on actual information can go a long way in making …

M2M Deployments Up 80 Percent
About 22 percent of 600 executives involved in machine-to-machine strategy say they already have at least one active M2M deployment in operation, up about 80 percent in 2014, compared to 2013, accordi…

M2M Evolution Week in Review
It was a busy week in M2M Evolution. Here are some of the major stories.

Pricing Anomalies Cross Elastic Effects
When I was a product manager at what is now Verizon, I was constantly having to look at the cross elastic effects. The goal was to create new products that did not hurt the company's overall margins, …

Microsoft Announces Startup Accelerator Program Directed Toward Smart Homes and Internet of Things
The recent craze over the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart homes has spread to Microsoft. Microsoft has disclosed that they will be creating a new program with the goal of acting as an incubator for…

With Android Wear, Enjoy Complete Control Over Wink-Supported Smart Products
Android Wear is the latest buzzword in the wearable technology landscape, and Wink is an app that can give you single-touch control over all your home products. The addition of Wink to Android Wear is…

Insteon Moves Into Microsoft Stores: Home Automation Takes Another Baby Step
Insteon is arguably the best home automation currently in the market, but homes that use the technology (mine does) are still few and very far between. The technology has advanced significantly over t…

Neoji: The All-in-One Smart Home Device
On average we spend more than half of each and every day in our homes, and for people that telecommute or have a home business it is much more than that. So it goes without saying, ensuring it is safe…

M2M Evolution Week in Review
The future may not be quite what we imagined in the 1950s-a lot of flying cars, chrome, and compartments for just about everything to be tucked away into the wall-but the future home is nonetheless be…

Android Auto Being Introduced in Hyundai Cars
If you are like the majority of drivers who own a smartphone, you probably have attempted to access a feature on said smartphone at the same time as operating a motor vehicle. Whether trying to find a…

RacoWireless Wins Product of the Year Award for Position Logic
M2M provider RacoWireless' location-based services platform Position Logic has been awarded the 2014 Product of the Year award from M2M Evolution Magazine.

Chicago is Now the Connected City
The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to connect billions of devices around the world, and while some people are arguing the viability of this technology, others are implementing it and taking full ad…

Google's Nest Reveals Developer API and Future Plans to Control Smart Homes
What if you could talk to your home in order to interact with it and activate various elements? Google apparently asked the same question, which is why they purchased Nest for more than $3 billion ear…

The Naming Convention: Why IoT is Cumbersome
In an effort to distinguish them from the pack, industry trade news releases and press announcements are often subject to a sort of group think that makes classification by the general public quite di…

Numbers, Numbers Everywhere: What is a Market to Think?
If you pay attention to the analysts, you probably have a few favorite companies that you trust. Often, though, the analyst-client relationships drive distinctions that make it difficult for the layma…

ComSignTrust Offers NFC Security
The uses of NFC technology are growing, and so are the risks, according to ComSignTrust. The Tel Aviv, Israel-based company has offered a digital signature to add a little bit of security to NFC conne…

Nest Builds, Announces Developer Program to Spur Internet of Things
Nest has been busy of late, first with word arriving of its purchase of Dropcam, and now with a development in the form of a new program designed to drive advancement in the Internet of Things (IoT). …

Fortinet Reveals 'Internet of Things: Connected Home' Survey Results
It is hard to imagine there is more buzz about a tech industry topic than the Internet of Things (IoT ). Whether it is at conferences, in analyst projections or vendor marketing campaigns, one thing a…

Quirky Focuses on the Smart Home with Wink
Quirky is already pretty well known for its ability to take ideas from the general public and turn these into working devices; perhaps the best known such application was the Pivot Power Genius spotte…

LogMeIn Receives Ovum, TMC Awards for Xively M2M Platform
LogMeIn has announced that it has won two major awards for its Internet of Things technology, the On-The-Radar award for Cloud Services and Infrastructure Transformation and TMC's own M2M Evolution Pr…

Google's Nest Buys Dropcam to Step Up Internet of Things Development
As much impact as Google has had on the regular Internet, it's not surprising to see Google interested in taking a likewise leading role when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). So to help spur …

Do You Already Own the Hub for Apple's HomeKit Smart Home System?
Not long ago, we looked at how Apple's attempt at a smart home system, the HomeKit, was likely to focus not so much on providing hardware but rather on providing a more unified solution to manage the …

M2M Evolution Week in Review
With summer now officially in full swing, places are buzzing with activity, and the M2M sector is no exception. It was a busy week for the industry, so let's take a few minutes to look back at some of…

Vodafone Wants In On the M2M Automotive Craze
The new technological craze for many telecommunications companies has been machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies. Many major companies have been investing time and resources into developing the built-…

Texas Instruments Introduces SimpleLink Wi-Fi Platforms for IoT Applications
The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to skyrocket and turn into a huge sector of the economy and as it provides revolutionary connectivity.

Fog Rises to Bring More Local Intelligence to M2M
Glynn provides M2M Evolution magazine with a specific example of where fog computing might come into play. Say there's a street with sensors for waste management, parking, and other purposes, on one s…

IDC: Smartphones will take over Smart Connected Devices' Market
The use of Smart Connected Devices (SCD) is growing exponentially. These devices leverage machine-to-machine (M2M) interconnectivity technology and, therefore, are able to exchange information with ot…

Comings & Goings: Cyan Announces Peter Mainz as Newest Board Member
Software design company Cyan Holdings reported this Tuesday that it has appointed a new member to its Board of Directors. Peter Mainz, the newest member of the Cyan board, will serve as a non-executiv…

Tesla Does OTA Update via Cellular to Address Safety, Maintenance Issues
Tesla is a pioneer in using over-the-air updates to address safety issues, according to Dominique Bonte of ABI Research, who spoke with M2M Evolution magazine yesterday.

Telematics Motoring Toward Mass Market Adoption
Within five years almost every vehicle shipping in the U.S. will be a connected car.

Arrayent IoT Kit Enables Quick Cloud Connection
The Internet of Things (IoT) will be connecting billions of devices globally, and these connections will rely on communication solutions to transmit the data they collect each and every day. The IoT i…

Tesla's Elon Musk Opens Patent Portfolio Because His Car is Stalled
Sometimes grand gestures do nothing more than move a lot of air. In the case of Elon Musk's recent announcement that he is opening up his patent drawer for any and all comers, Musk has showed that he …

Smart Home Device in Every Other Home by 2020
While the number of applications for machine to machine (M2M) communications devices and so-called smart home devices are increasing, it's easy to wonder if the demand for these devices is likewise on…

Survey Sees Automotive Sensor Market Hitting $35.78 Billion by 2022
The growth of machine-to-machine (M2M) has lowered the price of sensor technology to the point where it can be deployed virtually anywhere with unlimited scale.

Survey: 73 Percent of Americans Clueless About 'Internet of Things'
According to a recent survey by cloud testing solutions provider SOASTA, despite all of the buzz around the term "Internet of Things" (IoT for short), most Americans have no idea what we in the indust…

ThingWorx Unleashes New Version of its M2M Platform
ThingWorx today announced the availability of its ThingWorx Platform v5.0, which supports higher-level scaling, more efficient power consumption and bandwidth use, new developer tools, and the new Mat…

GateTel Adds Telit m2mAir Mobile to its Portfolio
Machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions provider Telit Wireless Solutions announced recently that its client, GateTel, will begin offering the Telit service group m2mAir Mobile in its line of xE910 module-…

Is Your Home Watching You? What We Need to Know as 'Internet of Things' Turns to Home Security
The Internet of Things is in the air. Most recently, the industry was abuzz about a potential Google acquisition of Dropcam, a cloud-based home security system provider, and with Apple's recent World …

M2M Evolution Week in Review
It was a hot week for machine-to-machine (M2M) technology.

Gemalto M2M Being Brought to Chinese Automakers Through Flaircomm Microelectronics
Gemalto, a company that provides digital security services, has announced that the Gemalto M2M solution has been picked up by Flaircomm Microelectronics Inc., a manufacturer of devices for the automot…

Philips CityTouch Turns to Sierra Wireless AirPrime Line to Keep Lights On
The role that machine to machine (M2M) communications plays in everyday life is one that's rapidly expanding. While the technology is still comparatively young, the number of applications for this tec…

Intel Turns To WiTricity to Help Power a Cable-free Future
We live in an era where wireless Internet access can be had as easily as pressing a couple buttons, if we even need to do that much after the first couple of tries. Yet, our devices are still tied to …

China Leading the Global Connected Market
In a very short amount of time, by enabling network connectivity among several physical objects, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) has initiated the vision of a global network of sensors, equipment, appliances…

PrismTech and Red Hat Come Together for Improved Internet of Things
If there is one technology in which the Internet of Things (IoT) will depend on, it is a reliable connectivity solution capable of bringing together applications, data, services and devices in a flexi…

Smart Home Controllers: the $6 Billion Market
The smart home market has made a lot of gains of late, as new applications emerge and new competitors emerging in both new applications and old alike. When even Apple will get into the market, it's a …

Apple Announces Plan for the Home Internet of Things: 'Home Kit'
Internet of Things (commonly abbreviated as IoT) refers to all things connected to the Internet (hence the acronym), at anytime, anywhere. It's a term associated with things that are interconnected an…

Automated Home Gadgets Secure Thanks to Lightwave Remote Locking
LightwaveRF is a leading manufacturer of home automation technology, including sockets and light switches that can be controlled from a remote instead of having to manually walk up to the device and f…

Teddy Bear Apprehends Thieves, Backed Up By GPS System
Of all the things that machine to machine (M2M) communications were capable of, there were certain things that, even for this new technology, strained the barriers of credibility. We've seen M2M track…

Hamburg Getting Developed into Smart City
Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, and its port is the second largest in Europe. It is also a transportation, tourism, financial and media center.

M2M Evolution Week in Review
The automobile industry is embracing M2M technology, in so doing, making the roads safer for everyone. It is great that sensors can warn you if you are too close to another object or a car that can sc…

Sierra Wireless, VDC Research Promote Open Source Software for M2M Development
Leveraging open source software can deliver significant returns for engineering efforts, and machine-to-machine initiatives are no exception.

Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money but Pigs Get Slaughtered
James Brehm and I have tried to keep the M2M Evolution conference as horizontal as possible, but the reality is money is being found in the vertical application of logistics.

The Internet of Things: A 13-Figure Market by 2020
The Internet of Things (IoT), an outcropping of the machine to machine (M2M) communications concept, has long been a subject of close scrutiny and even a certain kind of wonder. Though some have wonde…

Apple's Smart Home Plan Focuses On Unity
Recently, word came out about Apple's plans to get into the smart home market, and while there were some that came away disappointed by Apple's seemingly less-than-grandiose vision of a home whose sys…

Apple TV's Role in the Future of Home Automation
Picture this: You walk into your home. Lights turn on, heating starts flowing, the door automatically locks behind you. You have arrived, and your house knows it. Possible? Apple might make it so.

M2M Evolution Week in Review
Machine to machine (M2M) technology is powering this little trend called the Internet of Things (IoT), which is set to disrupt industries across the board. Billions of endpoints are connecting to the …

Google Reaching Out to Dropcam for Home Security
Google has reportedly been reaching out to vendors in the home security market. Most notably, the search giant may soon seek to acquire Dropcam, the manufacturer of security cameras that also function…

Samsung Joins Apple and Google in IoT Sector
The Internet of Things (IoT) services market is expected to exceed $400 billion by 2020, with a projected 26 billion connected devices. Samsung, never one to miss an opportunity to cash in on an emerg…

Fishing With M2M: Craemer's New Fish Box Offers RFID Support
It's been a long winter for a lot of people, and in many places, winter had its day well into what should have been spring. But with spring in full swing, and summer coming on, the thoughts of many tu…

LogMeIn's Xively Powering Verdeva's Efficient Vehicle Assessor System
The everyday vehicle is both a driver of the economy -- and the world, as we know it -- and a significant center for potential waste. But the more that's known about how people drive, the better a res…

Omnichannel Retail is All About the Customer Experience
Retail is going through a drastic change, both online and in physical stores. Remember in Minority Report, when John Anderton walks into Gap and is greeted based on his previous visit there (although …

Google's Self-driving Car Prototype Removes Pedals, Steering Wheels and Brakes
Google's idea of a self-driving car is nothing new; the Internet giant has been working on its self-driving car project since 2010, and gradually adding more features and support, like working with au…

M2M Market Expected To Hit More than $731 Billion by 2020
There is little doubt that machine to machine (M2M) technology is only getting more popular day by day. The degree to which this popularity is growing is another story. Industry analyst Frost & Sulliv…

M2M Connections to Triple with LTE Fueling Growth
Machine to machine (M2M) communications is a very important component of the Internet of Things (IoT). These modules are going to be connecting and communicating with billions of devices as the techno…

Milton Keynes to Receive First City-wide Internet of Things Network in the UK
Milton Keynes is a large town in Buckinghamshire, England located about 45 miles northwest of London, and if all goes according to plan it will be the first city-wide, open access demonstration networ…

Sierra Wireless Looking at the Mountains of Opportunity
Every journey begins with a single step, so goes the expression. And in the case of Sierra Wireless, when it comes to M2M and the IoT, it makes the climb with partners. The OEM side of the business re…

Shell Looking to Capitalize on the Internet of Everything
With more wells, sites and employees, Shell realized the relevance of adopting IoE technologies to bring everyone together and use the information in a comprehensive manner to advance the company's ef…

SIGFOX IoT Network Drives Whistle Labs' New Connected Dog Collar
There's no two ways about it -- we love our pets. Our cats, our fish and our dogs all are loved, and sometimes to a degree that shocks or astonishes normal people. Bearing in mind the love we have for…

I Can't Win AT&T's Fast Pitch But I Can Throw a Knuckleball
At the M2M Evolution Conference & Expo in August we are featuring a Fast Pitch event sponsored by AT&T and friends, including Axeda, IBM and more to come.

The IoT: The Next Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution transitioned our development from hand production to machines. The new production processes invented during this time improved efficiencies and increased productivity, with e…

Choosing the Best Connectivity for M2M Technologies
You may not have heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) or machine to machine (M2M) technology, but you've already seen both in action. Carriers, automakers, hardware vendors, software developers, fash…

BlackBerry Battles Google for the Internet of Things: Let's Hope BlackBerry Wins
The war for smartphones is not over, but it is rapidly moving on to the Internet of Things, where most of the appliances, vehicles and devices around us are both connected to the Web and to each other…

Apple Rumored to Announce Smart Home Platform at WWDC Next Week
Technically, Apple has already been involved in the smart home market for the last few years, as many homeowners use their iOS devices to control and manage their home automation solutions. It is alre…

Bluetooth Starter Kit Gives Developers an Opportunity to Find Their Way to the Internet of Things
If you are a developer and have an interest in doing more working with low-powered Bluetooth Smart technology, you may be able to get a helping hand. It seems that if you fall into this group, you now…

M2M Evolution Week in Review
Machine to machine (M2M) technology is powering the growing Internet of Things (IoT) as more devices connect and communicate with each other. Here are the top M2M stories this week.

Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarms Recalled After Feature Flaw Discovered
A smoke alarm is one of those devices most commonly take it for granted. We change the batteries in said devices twice a year, and expect the devices to simply work when the need arises for same. The …

Telstra is Planning a Public Wi-Fi Network
Connectivity is the future, and every person in the world is expected to be connected to the Internet all the time. As a first step toward this connectivity, Telstra plans to provide public Wi-Fi to a…

Verizon and J.J. Keller to Collaborate on New Fleet Management Device
Verizon is seeking to oust competitors and make its mark on the world of fleet management by partnering up with J.J. Keller t create a new GPS-enabled fleet management device. This device is meant to …

Comings & Goings: Dave Evans Marks Second IoT Executive Departure from Cisco
Not only is Cisco one of the companies behind the Internet of Things (IoT) - the trend of billions of endpoints connecting to the Internet and communicating with each other - but it's behind its own t…

Divide is now Part of Google
If there is one technology that is linking everything together, it is mobile. Smartphones and tablets connect wearables, automobiles, our homes and the future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Until ma…

The Internet of Things Could Have Its Own Cellular Network in Silicon Valley
If you have ever read Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, you can get a sense of what today's wireless network is like. The satirical novel created the phrase "catch-22" and it has come to be defined as a para…

Arqiva, SIGFOX Combine Efforts to Bring IoT Network to UK
While much has been made of the hardware involved in the Internet of Things (IoT), from refrigerators to watches to even wall sockets that come with Wi-Fi connectivity for access to critical home syst…

Orbcomm's Six New Satellites Promise to Deliver Fast Revenue Improvements
Orbcomm is a hardware and service provider for satellite machine to machine (M2M) connections, and a new fleet of six second-generation satellites is expected to have an almost immediately noticeable …

Microsoft Orders Up IoT Solutions for Restaurant Industry
Timing is everything in retail, and Microsoft is betting the time is right for the Internet of Things (IoT) in the industry with the launch of new technology aimed squarely at restaurant operators, th…

A Peek Into Nest's Energy Saving Programs
One of the biggest names in smart thermostats is Nest, which Google acquired earlier this year. After extensive research, Nest concluded that thermostats consume more than half of the home's energy, s…

New Deal Between u-blox and connectBlue Brings New Power to Short-range Communications
When it comes to machine to machine (M2M) connectivity and the larger Internet of Things (IoT), one of the best ways to establish the necessary connections to keep such devices up and running is to lo…

How Cellular Operators Must Adapt to the Zettabyte Era
The explosion in growth of cellular data traffic and, along with it, the expansion of machine to machine communications (M2M) services and the Internet of Things are being driven by enormous demand fr…

Pipeline Monitoring: Can an Ounce of Prevention Be Worth Tens of Thousands of Gallons of Cure?
Yet another oil spill is making headlines . This time crude oil sprayed into the streets of Los Angeles after a high-pressure pipe burst at a transfer pumping station along a pipeline that runs from B…

Gemalto Powers Next-gen Pill Dispensers
Healthcare is one of the biggest industries adopting new technology and implementing it into everyday practices, applications and processes. Remote patient care, for example, is booming thanks to vide…

Multi-Tech Systems, Aeris Communications Strengthen Partnership to Enable Efficient M2M Implementations
Earlier this year, Multi-Tech Systems, a provider of machine to machine (M2M) technology, partnered with Aeris Communications to deploy a suite of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services.

IBM's Watson-powered Elastic Storage Will Slash Cost of Big Data
IBM is throwing its hat into the software-defined storage game. The company will use Elastic Storage as a component of its software-defined storage portfolio. Elastic Storage uses Watson's technology …

Verizon on the Fast-growing Internet of Things
The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) varies depending on who you talk to. Executives from Cisco will tell you we're heading toward a trillion-dollar market in the next few years, connecting 50 b…

The Smarter House: Microsoft and Insteon Hook Up
Last week Microsoft and Smarthome created a partnership around Smarthome's Insteon platform. I've been using Insteon for nearly a decade and believe it to be the best solution out there especially giv…

M2M Technology Addresses Challenges in Supply Chain Management
Supply chain executives are grappling with the constant pressure to reduce costs. A new study from Deloitte and MHI, "Innovations That Drive Supply Chains," shows that more than 70 percent of supply c…

Wheelings & Dealings: GE Acquires Cybersecurity Company Wurldtech
The rapid development of technology over the last few years has improved the quality of life for people around the world, offering means of communication and accessing resources like water. The next s…

New Thuraya, ViaSat Partnership Brings New Managed M2M Service
With machine to machine (M2M) communications steadily finding new footholds in an array of businesses, it's not surprising to see new products and services take hold in the field in a bid to get in on…

M2M Evolution Week in Review
Every week we are seeing more developments in connected cars, home automation, industrial Internet applications and other solutions within the Internet of Things (IoT). Here are the top machine to mac…

The Internet of Things, Wearables to Dominate by 2025
It is always interesting to take a look at the past to see what we thought the future would be like. Everything from exhibits at the old world's fairs to cartoons has given us a glimpse of automated h…

GetActive Fitness Tracker Receives Round of Funding
Wearable technology has many different segments, covering everything from healthcare to the military, and it seems like everyone is introducing one device or another with the wearable tech moniker. On…

Internet of Things Spending Guide in the US for Key Vertical Markets
This week, we have a new report from International Data Corporation (IDC) concerning the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). What makes this report unique in comparison to other reports that have lo…

3D Visualization from CyberLightning Aimed at Simplifying Internet of Things Management
As networks become more advanced and complicated, management of a system and ensuring that every piece of the puzzle is functioning as intended becomes exponentially more difficult. This problem will …

M2M Service Providers Discuss Strategy in Infonetics Survey
Over the past couple of months there have been several surveys conducted by Infonetics Research in relation to machine to machine (M2M) strategies. Back in February, Godfrey Chua, who is the directing…

AT&T's LTE with an Equipped General Motors Vehicle will Cost $10 Per Month
Would you be interested in putting a car on your AT&T Mobile Share Value plan? What if the cost was the same as adding a tablet to your plan? Would that attract your attention? AT&T is hoping that the…

American Trucking Association Highlights the Role of Trucking in the US
The trucking industry is responsible for moving the vast majority of domestic freight in the U.S., and according to the American Trucking Association (ATA), 69.1 percent of all domestic freight tonnag…

LogMeIn, OASIS Team Up to Develop MQTT Protocol
LogMeIn is joining with OASIS, an international standards consortium to shape standards for Internet of Things technologies, with an eye toward improving the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport protoc…

INSTEON Intros Windows App for Home Automation and Control
INSTEON, a manufacturer of home automation and control technologies, announced this week the upcoming launch of its official Windows app. The product will be available for consumers come the first of …

ORBCOMM Extends Line of M2M Products to US Government
ORBCOMM will offer its line of M2M products through Corp Ten's GSA agreement. Corp Ten is a company that offers global tracking services, and it also has its own GSA schedule of products and services …

Sonos Brings Big Changes to Controller App with Connected Home in Mind
Smart homes lurk in that odd space between pipe dream and interesting reality. The idea that we could connect many of our home's appliances, furnishings and internal operations to a smartphone or a ta…

Google Looks to Carmakers to Integrate Self-driving Feature
It's one of the great dreams of technology for many, the idea of a car that drives itself. Made popular by movies like "Demolition Man" and considered throughout a large portion of science fiction, it…

Bringing the Internet of Everything to Life with Cisco Connected Billboard
Many people involved in the tech world not only have heard of the Internet of Things (IoT), but understand the huge potential it brings to disrupt almost every industry. We know there's business value…

Connectivity Breeds Contemplation
When we first started talking about M2M, a great deal of the connectivity was local, with not a great deal of back-end intelligence sharing. Today, though, we talk about the Internet of Things, but th…

Aeris Infinity Support Fills Gap in M2M Deployment Experience
If you've heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), it's probably about the hype, the disruption and the huge growth of billions of connected endpoints impacting every industry. But what's behind the …

How Microsoft's Cortana Might Add Connected Home Functions
The connected home for many is a brilliant idea, and for some fortunate few, a reality. The idea that users can take smartphones and tablets in hand from a remote location and activate lights or adjus…

FreeWave Technologies Intros WavePoint Family for Government, Defense Applications
Technology is impacting organizations in all industries, introducing new challenges for businesses from mobile employees, big data storage on networks, communications infrastructure, security risks an…

D-Link Steps Up Network Products with Home Automation Tools
D-Link is well-known in industry circles, as well as for personal users, for a variety of useful network tools like network cameras and Wi-Fi routers. But the company also has seen the value of expand…

Inmarsat Proposes Free Satellite Tracking Service to Airlines Following the Disappearance of Flight 370
The tracking service determines a plane's location, speed, heading and altitude, and then transmits that data over Inmarsat's global network of satellites every 15 minutes. The service is being offere…

Telecom Offers M2M Pack for New Zealand Developers
A New Zealand company is looking to spark innovation in machine to machine (M2M) by offering a free Developer Pack to the Kiwi developer community.

USA Technologies Payments Out in the Open
Unlike Intel Inside, USA Technologies has a tendency to be out in front where it can be seen. In fact, I often find its ePort on vending machines -- something that probably looks familiar to you as we…

M2M Evolution Week in Review
The Internet of Things (IoT) is fueled by the huge explosion in connected devices in almost every part of our lives and businesses. While the numbers are different depending on what analyst you talk t…

M2M in Healthcare to Reach 847 Million Connections by 2023
It's not every day that a technology shows up that has the potential to fundamentally change an entire industry, but machine to machine (M2M) communications seems to have that kind of potential. A new…

The 'Calvary' Ready to Respond to Tech Vulnerabilities
When all else fails, the United States Army often would send in the Calvary. A similar approach is being used now for computer security as new products are being introduced, given the massive predicte…

Honeywell Tapped for Central Asia-China Pipeline Project
Honeywell is a name that many often consider when thinking about expanding or replacing a home system. But beyond thermostats and similar pieces of smart home-related items, Honeywell has a fairly maj…

Comings & Goings: Cisco's IoT GM Guido Jouret Resigns
The Internet of Everything, 50 billion connected devices and $150 million in investments can all be attributed to one company's strategy in the Internet of Things (IoT), and that's Cisco. Last year, C…

Smart Agriculture Could be On the Horizon Thanks to Orange Business Services and Dacom
Could machine to machine (M2M) technology be the next best thing for farmers to increase crop yields and reduce water consumption? French company Orange Business Services seems to believe so, which is…

Apple Boosts Medical Presence: Is An iWatch Launch Far Behind?
One of the biggest Apple rumors of late hasn't had much to do with a smartphone or tablet. While certainly, most everyone's looking forward to the release of the next iPad and the next iPhone, one poi…

Xerox to Help Build Michigan Connected Car Track
Xerox is helping build a connected car test track along with the University of Michigan. The company is collaborating with the university's Mobility Transformation Center, along with the U.S. Departme…

Nokia Readies $100 Million to Pursue Connected Cars
Dominating the mobile space just won't cut it as long as the Internet of Things (IoT) is around. Google, Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry all have their hands in connecting cars with machine to machine…

ABI Research Predicts Nearly 18 Billion Wi-Fi Chipset Shipments Over the Next Five Years
The integration of the Internet into our daily lives has largely been fueled by advancements in wireless Internet, with Wi-Fi connections leading the pack for wireless access. Such integration is expe…

The Internet of Things Brings New Security Challenges
The research firm Gartner has stressed the need for increased security in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) as so many important and critical components will be accessible to the network.

Pipe Leaks You Fix, Spills You Clean Up
Today, SkyWave and I speak about Protecting Pipelines and Profit, and you can join us at 10:30 am ET. With a dry run of the presentation now complete, I can give you a sneak preview. The presentation …

Wheelings & Dealings: On the Fast Track to the Internet of Things, LogMeln Acquires Ionia
LogMeIn has acquired Ionia Corporation for $12 million in cash. Ionia has worked with numerous businesses across many industries, leveraging the IoT in order to connect, optimize and transform their p…

How Jasper is Enabling the IoT Transformation
It's not unusual today to notice just how many objects are connecting to the Internet, and in turn, the Internet of Things (IoT). Rewind ten years, however and this idea was far from many people's min…

Pipelines, Pipe Dreams, Nightmares and Realities
If you listened to the press reports about President Obama rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline, you can imagine a nightmare like the Deep Horizon Oil spill that happened in 2010. Thinking that railroad…

TeamF1's Interchangeable IoT Offerings Help Customers Adapt to Changing Times
The explosion of machine to machine (M2M) technology has led to a number of companies getting into the market using new and more efficient approaches. TeamF1 is one such company that is focusing on hi…

Brazil Encourages Growth in M2M, Cuts Taxes on M2M Services
It's something of a universal law: When a government wants to encourage investment in a particular item, be it research or development or simply the addition of new business to a region, it cuts taxes…

IDT Puts Precise Timing on Single Chip for Smart Grids
IDT has introduced a series of precise timing devices, offering a digital PLL and digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) in a single chip.

Ofcom Publishes Spectrum Review: Plans for Growing Wireless Demands
Independent British telecom regulator Ofcom has published its spectrum review with plans for dealing with 5G in the U.K. over the next decade with the hopes that it can cope with the growing need for …

M2M Evolution Week in Review
Machine to machine (M2M) technology is one of the hottest tech trends today impacting industries across the board - cities, homes, cars, manufacturers, utilities, oil and gas, healthcare, sports and m…

LOSTnFOUND's Nimbo Tracks Assets Using Global Mobile Networks
The National Cargo Security Council (NCSC) estimates the global financial impact of cargo loss exceeds $50 billion annually. This doesn't count the losses that take place once the shipments have reach…

OTT Watch: Connected Device Penetration Spikes, as Does Amazon Prime
A majority (64 percent) of U.S. broadband households have at least one consumer electronics device connected to the Internet, which could include a smart TV, Blu-ray player, game console, set-top box,…

Ready for the Internet of Things?
The Internet of Things is here. You only need to look around a household appliance store to experience the number of Internet-ready devices already on the market. Some of the most powerful enterprises…

The Internet of Things Comes to Your Kitchen with Thingk
The Internet of Things (IoT), the overarching trend of machine to machine (M2M) communications and connected endpoints, is increasingly prominent in several fields, with businesses putting the technol…

Ayla Networks Nets $14.5 Million in Funding
Ayla Networks, an Internet of Things platform provider, has closed $14.5 million dollars in its latest round of Series B funding.

Qualcomm Gimbal Goes to Standalone Company
The idea of using beacons in brick-and-mortar stores is one that's meeting with some increased favor, and some further consideration of how companies can put this technology to use in current operatio…

Cisco Continues Investment in M2M Startups
One way Cisco is developing M2M is through investments in early-stage companies focused on M2M enterprise development. Cisco Investments, its investment arm, has pledged $150 million in funding to suc…

Amazon Launching Wearable Tech Specific Online Store Front
Never let it be said that Amazon doesn't understand the retail market. The online storefront has announced it is moving to take advantage of the growing popularity of the wearable tech market by openi…

Google X Has Some New Competition in Town...and it's Microsoft
We all know that the idea of machine to machine (M2M) communications is setting up to change the way we think about any of a number of applications, from tracking where certain boxes are located in a …

Satellite M2M for Remote Monitoring: Detecting Leaks, Increasing Efficiency and Improving the Bottom Line
The financial benefits of monitoring remote equipment and infrastructure are well documented. From tracking vehicles to sending data to/from fixed equipment for mining, utilities and oil & gas, remote…

International Telematics Implements Vodafone M2M Platform
The privately owned International Telematics is an enterprise fleet management company that uses machine to machine (M2M) technology to monitor assets, report on driver behavior and make environmental…

Putting the Intel in Intelligent Devices with IoT Gateway Solutions
In today's world of mobile devices, wearable technology, cloud computing, big data and billions of connected endpoints, the technology powering all of these products is critical. The more we rely on c…

Nod Smart Ring Transforms Movements into Commands with Gesture Control
This Bluetooth device is really cool. Imagine how many different times you can use a Bluetooth gesture control ring in a day - your finger becomes a sort of wand to control presentation slides, lighti…

It's Time to Divide and Conquer M2M
Last week I had a conversation with Barclay Knapp and Doreen Trant of M2M Spectrum Networks, whose history in building cellular networks includes the Midwest portion of Cellular One. We started by dis…

ServicePower Forms Strategic M2M Alliance with Bosch Software Innovations
ServicePower, a provider of field service scheduling and management software, recently partnered with Bosch Software Innovations to improve its machine to machine (M2M) services.

The Impact of M2M on Healthcare
Today's healthcare industry is faced with the challenge of providing more care to more people, but using fewer resources. This might seem counterintuitive in any other industry, but healthcare in the …

VingCard Elsafe's New Allure RFID Locking System in Place at Cyprus Hotel
Hotels are finding that VingCard is providing the security guests desire in their rooms - thanks to the latest in technology.

Cubic Telecom, China Unicom to Offer OTA Upgrade Functionality on M2M Devices
China Unicom develops and provides mature technologies and ICT application in the attempt to become a "leading broadband and information service provider" globally. With the cooperation of industry te…

Wheelings & Dealings: Numerex Acquires Omnilink for $37.5 Million
Numerex, a provider of M2M communications solutions, recently acquired Omnilink Systems, Inc. for $37.5 million, to expand its role in the security and safety, tracking, and monitoring markets.

Digital Universe to Grow Tenfold by 2020
According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast, the annual global IP traffic will surpass the zettabyte threshold (1.4 zettabytes) by the end of 2017. One zettabyte is 1.099 trillion gigabyte…

iTalk Formulates M2M Medical Marijuana Distribution Deal
iTalk, a provider of communications and mobile broadband services, has signed a distribution agreement for CloudTalk, a cloud connectivity solution - which is seen as a major move in the growing machi…

M2M Evolution Week in Review
Machine to machine (M2M) technology is one of the hottest trends right now impacting virtually every industry: cars, manufacturers, cities, transportation systems, wearable devices, homes and farmers …

DCS, RacoWireless and CalAmp Partner Develop Bundled Fleet Management Kit for M2M
Looking to build on each other's strengths in the emerging machine-to-machine (M2M) market, Direct Communication Solutions (DCS) announced the company has formed a partnership with RacoWireless and Ca…

GE Awards Industrial Internet, 3D Printing Challenge Prizes
General Electric and its partners have announced the winner of two innovation challenges: Industrial Internet Flight Quest 2 and 3D Printing Production Quest.

Bringing the Internet of Things Underground in London
Smart cities are among of the biggest opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT). Included in these cities are the transportation systems, such as taxi companies, bus systems and railways. The abun…

SkyWave Debuts a Dual Satellite-Cellular HSPA Device for M2M Portfolio
Machine-to-machine (M2M) systems are having a great impact in the way companies meet their business technology needs. M2M systems can help make quick, automatic decisions, providing faster and more ef…

Amdocs Joins International M2M Council
The International M2M Council announced this week that Amdocs, a business and operations support provider, has joined the organization. The newly-formed M2M Council focuses on the development and prol…

Wheelings & Dealings: iGen Reaches Agreement to Acquire Nimbo
Nimbo, LLC is a Murrieta, CA based company that has over 50 years of experience in the consumer marketplace with design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of GPS based theft and asset recovery system…

M2M Evolution Conference
The robust M2M conference program will focus on topics that inform and educate our audience of the latest and greatest technologies, current and future regulatory policies, new verticals, new applications and all of the hottest topics in Machine-to-Machine Industry. The M2M Evolution Conference is trending to become the leading educational and networking event in the M2M Industry and we’d like you to be a part of it.

Topics Include:
  • M2M and Smart Energy
  • M2M and Healthcare
  • M2M in the Enterprise
  • M2M and the Service Provider