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Bob Emmerson is an English national living in the Netherlands. He has a degree in electronic engineering and mathematics from London University and now works as an all-round freelance writer, focusing on Information and Communications Technology. He has written articles and columns for a number of international publications, most of which are (sadly) no longer with us, e.g. Byte: an IT bible.

In former lives Bob was a designer of digital control systems, a journalist, and then a copywriter. For a number of years he ran his own advertising/pr agency in Brussels: clients included ITT Europe, Philips, Intel and The Financial Times. In addition to creating numerous sales brochures/leaflets/presentations and writing press releases and press kits, he wrote three market reports for the Financial Times and co-authored two books on IP Communications.


Latest Articles

10/21/2013 A Smarter Way to Save Energy
10/17/2013 TRS-Star's Flexible Smart GPRS Data Gateway
10/08/2013 Camgian Selects ThingWorx for Next-Gen M2M Solution
09/30/2013 Xively Helps Elektron Technology Speed Time-to-Market for IoT Services
09/17/2013 Analysts Upbeat Despite Mixed Response to EU's 'Connected Continent' Proposal
09/17/2013 Lantronix and Wyless Deliver 3.5G Cellular Solution Bundle
09/11/2013 Telit's 3G Module Employs VQFN Mounting Technology
09/11/2013 Novatel Wireless Announces Restructuring
08/23/2013 M2M Drives Big Data
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07/30/2013 Quick Integration of Machine Data with Computer Apps
07/29/2013 Isotrak and Wireless Logic Sign $2.9m Connectivity Deal
07/25/2013 Shell Launches Telematics Solution for Heavy Goods Vehicles
05/06/2013 V2X: Building the Infrastructure
05/02/2013 Eurotech Extends Its Passenger Counting Family
04/30/2013 New PV Generation and Consumption Monitoring System
04/29/2013 M2M Gets Seriously Smart
04/16/2013 Telic Expands Telematics Market
03/11/2013 Bringing M2M Back to Basics
02/27/2013 M2M Does 3D-SiP
02/06/2013 V2X is Coming Down the Road
01/15/2013 M2M Meets Social Networks
12/17/2012 M2M Does 3D-SiP
11/13/2012 Oysters and Other Mollusks as Environmental Sensors
10/30/2012 M2M: A Market On The Move
05/14/2012 M2M's Inflection Points
04/26/2012 EnOcean Starts Education Program
04/18/2012 NEC and Wyless Form Strategic Service Partnership
04/10/2012 Global M2M Subscriber Base Exceeds 100 Million
04/05/2012 Numerex has New Location-based Services Platform
03/28/2012 Eurotech Announces Biometric Face Recognition Systems
03/15/2012 Turkey's First Machine-to-Machine Platform
03/05/2012 M2M Goes Plug and Play
03/05/2012 M2M Goes Plug & Play
02/28/2012 Digi Enables Internet of AnyThing
02/28/2012 Rugged Industrial Computer for Demanding M2M Applications
02/16/2012 MACH Helps M2M Service Providers Reduce Fraud Losses
02/03/2012 Telit Facilitates 'Smart Farm' in South Korea
01/17/2012 New Focus Group on the M2M Service Layer
01/04/2012 Why M2M Needs LTE and Vice Versa
11/28/2011 Third Generation of its Mechanical Energy Converters
11/10/2011 Telenor Connexion Connects Renault Cars
11/09/2011 Assured Global Transportation
11/07/2011 Shorter Times to Market
10/24/2011 M2MApps: A Global Encyclopedia
10/17/2011 Insurance Telematics Solutions Employ Telenor Connexion
10/12/2011 SensorLogic Partners with ClearConnex
10/07/2011 Riding the Embedded Systems Wave
09/27/2011 Sensinode and Telenor Objects Team Up
09/27/2011 Numerex Sensinode and Telenor Objects Team Up
09/21/2011 Industries Want Open, Versatile M2M Platforms and Services
09/01/2011 M2M Comms in Smart Cities: The Next Wave
08/25/2011 Sensinode Unveils NanoServices Strategy
08/17/2011 Unleashing the Internet of Things
08/02/2011 Sierra Offers Certified 4G Modules on LTE Networks
07/27/2011 GreenPeak Launches ZigBee RF4CE USB Stick
07/20/2011 Seriously Smart Software for M2M Data
07/20/2011 Seriously Smart Software for M2M Data
07/19/2011 M2M in the Cloud: No. 2 Monetizing NGNs
07/19/2011 Modules: A Constant in a Fast-Changing M2M Environment
07/18/2011 Real-time Monitoring Keeps it Cool
07/18/2011 Smart Metering in Norway
07/11/2011 Telit Acquires GlobalConect
06/29/2011 M2M Standards: How many and how soon?
06/27/2011 ZigBee Comes of Age
06/23/2011 Over 39 Million Security Applications on European Cellular Networks in 2015
06/08/2011 Octo Telematics Selects Telenor Connexion
06/07/2011 Confusion over "M2M in the Cloud"
06/07/2011 Confusion Over 'M2M in the Cloud'
05/26/2011 New Payment System for London's Taxis
05/25/2011 M2MApps: A Global Encyclopedia
05/17/2011 Automotive Apps Drive M2M Sales
05/16/2011 Numerex Opens UK Office
05/16/2011 Telenor Connexion Expands in US
05/11/2011 SIM Services and Telenor Connexion Team Up
05/10/2011 Good Numbers for Fleet Management Systems
05/03/2011 M2M in a Hybrid Cloud
05/02/2011 Embedded Microcontroller for USB Tokens
04/21/2011 Why Ericsson Did a Deal with Telenor Connexion
04/12/2011 Clear2there Teams Up With U.S. Bio Sensors and Cyber Controls
04/12/2011 NFC Smart Poster Tags for Google Places
04/12/2011 NFC Smart Poster Tags for Google Places
03/31/2011 Good Numbers From Telit
03/24/2011 First Low Power 2G/2,5G M2M Modem
03/23/2011 Telit Raises Ubiquitous Coverage Bar
03/23/2011 Telit Raises Ubiquitous Coverage Bar
03/22/2011 iGPS Chooses Partners for Pallet Tracking Service
03/22/2011 Viewbiquity Launches Enhanced M2M Web Portal
03/21/2011 M2M Moving Forward via ETSI Standards
03/21/2011 Tekelec Unveils Intelligent M2M Service Enablement
03/15/2011 Numerex to Serve Global Logistics Market
03/08/2011 M2M Modules: Commodity or Critical Component?
03/07/2011 Telit Unveils Dual-Interface Gateways
03/02/2011 M2M: Wireless CO2 Sensor for Sustainable Buildings
02/15/2011 Smart Surveillance of Remote Machines
02/14/2011 M2M: Smartphone Navigation for the Visually Impaired
02/14/2011 M2M: Bglobal Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Samsung

M2M Evolution Conference
The robust M2M conference program will focus on topics that inform and educate our audience of the latest and greatest technologies, current and future regulatory policies, new verticals, new applications and all of the hottest topics in Machine-to-Machine Industry. The M2M Evolution Conference is trending to become the leading educational and networking event in the M2M Industry and we’d like you to be a part of it.

Topics Include:
  • M2M and Smart Energy
  • M2M and Healthcare
  • M2M in the Enterprise
  • M2M and the Service Provider