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As a partner at Crossfire Media, Carl is developing programs that bring to light an understanding of the issues required for delivering broadband wireless Internet services with existing technologies and facilitated by a variety of smart end user devices. As a board member of the VON Coalition, Carl runs weekly phone calls to communicate the latest regulatory issues affecting the entire industry.


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05/21/2014 Hot Companies & Trends in the Point of Sale Arena
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02/19/2014 Interactive Finance & Energetic Textiles: M2M, Internet of Things Innovations Pioneering Information Frontiers (Part 2)
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11/05/2013 The IoT ARMy is Going to Be Huge
10/29/2013 SkyWave's SCADAconnect: Not Your Average Solution
10/23/2013 Gemalto Getting IoT Innovation and Concepts Right
10/23/2013 Gemalto Getting IOT Innovation and Concepts Right
10/10/2013 GE is Industrious on M2M and the Industrial Internet
10/09/2013 M2M Identity: Seriously, Machine Identities
10/04/2013 Becoming DeviceWise at the Future of the Network
10/02/2013 The Near and Far of SCADA Solutions
09/25/2013 OnRamp Wireless Ramping Up Smart Energy Opportunities
09/20/2013 Isotrak Brings Scale from Overseas
09/16/2013 Pay-How-You-Drive Insurance
09/05/2013 With the Money Supply 'Tapering' Off, What Should the Boardroom M2M Strategy Be?

M2M Evolution Conference
The robust M2M conference program will focus on topics that inform and educate our audience of the latest and greatest technologies, current and future regulatory policies, new verticals, new applications and all of the hottest topics in Machine-to-Machine Industry. The M2M Evolution Conference is trending to become the leading educational and networking event in the M2M Industry and we’d like you to be a part of it.

Topics Include:
  • M2M and Smart Energy
  • M2M and Healthcare
  • M2M in the Enterprise
  • M2M and the Service Provider