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Paula Bernier is Executive Editor at M2M Evolution where she writes, edits and manages editorial content for INTERNET TELEPHONY, CUSTOMER and IoT Evolution magazine. She's also a regular contributor to M2M Evolution. Bernier was formerly editor in chief of xchange magazine, where she worked for more than 11 years. She’s also acted as a senior writer for Inter@ctive Week. Bernier got her start in telecom at Telephony magazine, where she spent nearly five years, leaving as the news director. Bernier also has been on the reporting staffs of various mainstream daily and weekly newspapers in Iowa, Minnesota and South Carolina.

Latest Articles

03/05/2015 Wyless Names Coffey CEO, Responds to KORE/RacoWireless Combination
02/25/2015 New Altair Chipsets Can Expedite LTE's Application for IoT
02/25/2015 XmarteK Details Innovative RSM2M Solution, More
02/12/2015 SIGFOX Raises $115 Million
02/05/2015 Systech Modular & Programmable Gateway Helps Expedite M2M Implementations
02/02/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: In an Effort to Forward IoT Strategy, Intel Buys Lantiq
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01/28/2015 151 Advisors Talks IoT Opportunities, Challenges
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12/09/2014 AT&T Comments about the Recent Past, the Future of M2M and the IoT
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11/13/2014 Telematics
11/13/2014 When It Rains It Pours
11/11/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: IoT Players KORE, Raco Combine under ABRY Partners
11/10/2014 Creating a 'Well Tempered' Network: M2M Security Firm Gets New Funds, Leader, Name
10/21/2014 Wireless, Rechargeable & Solar: FreeWave Unleashes New IoT Solutions for Use in Hazardous Environments
10/14/2014 Aeris Brings the Amazon Model to M2M
09/11/2014 SkyWave Unveils Cellular Gateway, Tells Connectivity Story
08/13/2014 Shark Tank Contestant Siminoff Tells Doorbot Story at StartupCamp9
08/07/2014 BI and Social Machines
08/07/2014 Dell's Boomi M2M Play
08/07/2014 The Role That Open Source Can Play in M2M Development
08/07/2014 Vroom Vroom: Telematics Motoring Toward Mass Market Adoption
08/07/2014 The GetWireless Advantage: VAD Differentiates with Broad Portfolio of Products, Packaged Solutions & Support
08/07/2014 M2M Platforms: How They Are Evolving, and Accelerating Time-to-Market
08/07/2014 Fog Rises to Bring More Local Intelligence to M2M
08/07/2014 The Care & Feeding of M2M: Keeping the Sensors Healthy
08/07/2014 The Power of One: Vodafone Pulls It All Together to Make M2M Work
08/07/2014 Make It Work: AT&T Helps Organizations Get More Productive with M2M
08/07/2014 The Value of M2M
06/20/2014 Fog Rises to Bring More Local Intelligence to M2M
06/18/2014 Tesla Does OTA Update via Cellular to Address Safety, Maintenance Issues
06/18/2014 Telematics Motoring Toward Mass Market Adoption
06/16/2014 ThingWorx Unleashes New Version of its M2M Platform
06/04/2014 Sierra Wireless, VDC Research Promote Open Source Software for M2M Development
05/29/2014 Selling Point: New Developments in PoS
05/29/2014 Systech Reduces Costs, Enhances Services with M2M
05/29/2014 Takin' It to The Streets: YESCO Brings Digital Signage to the World's Largest Venues
05/29/2014 Sign Here: The Latest & Greatest in Digital Signage
05/29/2014 Retail Solutions
05/29/2014 Adds, Moves & Changes
05/21/2014 Systech Reduces Costs, Enhances Services with M2M
05/21/2014 Takin' It to The Streets: YESCO Brings Digital Signage to the World's Largest Venues
05/21/2014 Sign Here: The Latest & Greatest in Digital Signage
05/21/2014 Retail Solutions Roundup
05/21/2014 Q&A Session with AT&T's Mike Troiano
05/21/2014 Selling Point New Developments in PoS
05/21/2014 Adds, Moves & Changes
04/15/2014 Talking M2M with Aricent
04/08/2014 Freescale Buys Mindspeed ARM-based Multicore Solutions
03/05/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: M2M Outfit KORE Buys Jazz Wireless Data
02/07/2014 Aeris White-Labels M2M Solution, Goes Global
01/29/2014 Raco Introduces New Version of M2M Platform, Gartner's Best Provisioning Solution Honor
01/28/2014 CradlePoint Spotlights New Multi-Function M2M Solution for Retail
01/28/2014 Cisco Pushes Cloud, SDN, Internet of Everything Products, Vision
01/17/2014 What's New in Connected Cars
01/17/2014 Asset Sharing & the On-Demand Movement: How Connectivity is Enabling People to Be More Efficient Consumers
01/17/2014 Smart Buildings, Smart Cities: How M2M Is Being Used for the Greater Good
01/17/2014 Platform for Change: New Leaders Position Multi-Tech for Innovation, Responsiveness, Growth
01/17/2014 Happy New Year!
12/26/2013 Great Expectations: M2M Continues to Advance Optimization, Quality of Life
12/26/2013 2013: A Year of M2M Consolidation
12/26/2013 Reaching Peak Performance with M2M: Sprint Can Serve as Your Guide
12/26/2013 M2M's Chicken-and-Egg Problem
12/13/2013 Verizon: M2M, Omnichannel, Security Gap to be Key Change Agents in 2014
10/22/2013 John Deere Picks Numerex for Supply Chain Optimization
10/21/2013 KORE Telematics Looks at M2M by the Numbers
10/21/2013 A Tale of Two M2M LTE Strategies
10/18/2013 Some Ideas for How to Drive More Developers to M2M
10/18/2013 Aeris Adds White-Label Offer, Readies for European, LTE Launches
10/17/2013 Taoglas Unveils Connected Road Marker, M2M Diagnostic Tool
10/17/2013 Telit Unveils Next Generation M2M Solutions
10/17/2013 Telit Likely to Make Additional M2M Acquisitions
09/16/2013 Cirries Offers Translation Among M2M Solutions
09/11/2013 The M2M Billing Balancing Act
09/11/2013 No More Science Projects: ILS Technology Powers Enterprise-Grade M2M Solutions
09/05/2013 An Oracle Executive Interview: Standardized Architectures Bring Simplicity, Flexibility to M2M
09/05/2013 The Intellectual Property Land Rush and Its Impact on the M2M Space
09/05/2013 What's Driving On-Board Diagnostics
09/05/2013 M2M Merger: Telit Buys ILS Technology
08/27/2013 Analysts Look at M2M - Past, Present and Future
05/23/2013 Omnilink Becomes a Driving Force in M2M
05/23/2013 Laird Adopts More Holistic Messaging to Reflect its Full Product Line
05/23/2013 Huawei Expands Partner Roster, Comments on US Commitment
05/22/2013 Novatel Tells Its Story of Mobile Computing, M2M Innovation
05/22/2013 KORE's Brisbourne: Voice Can Be an Important Part of M2M Communications
05/17/2013 The Prescription for M2M Success: Axeda, Varian Partner on Medical Device Solution
05/17/2013 Big Data, Little Data, You, Me and We
05/17/2013 Ready for Change: Vending Space Gets a Lift from Interactive Capabilities
05/17/2013 A Holistic Treatment for Better Wi-FiA Holistic Treatment for Better Wi-Fi
05/17/2013 M2M Security: Keeping Tabs on the Growing Sea of Devices
04/18/2013 M2M Outfit RACO Forges Ties with Rogers Communications
02/28/2013 Cisco Introduces Videoscape Unity
02/28/2013 The Medium is the Message: Digital Signage Pops Up in New Places, New Ways
02/27/2013 The Cloud's Ties to M2M Benefits Go Far Beyond Pay-as-You-Go
02/27/2013 Welcome to the M2M Evolution
02/27/2013 Coffee Talk about the Social Machine, M2M and the Cloud
02/27/2013 Standard Practice: M2M Lacks Cross-Industry Harmonization, But New Effort Could Change that Tune
02/27/2013 European Farmers Leverage M2M in Cow Insemination, Birthing Processes

M2M Evolution Conference
The robust M2M conference program will focus on topics that inform and educate our audience of the latest and greatest technologies, current and future regulatory policies, new verticals, new applications and all of the hottest topics in Machine-to-Machine Industry. The M2M Evolution Conference is trending to become the leading educational and networking event in the M2M Industry and we’d like you to be a part of it.

Topics Include:
  • M2M and Smart Energy
  • M2M and Healthcare
  • M2M in the Enterprise
  • M2M and the Service Provider