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Rachel Ramsey is a Content Director for M2M Evolution's M2M and WebRTC online communities, covering the latest in technology and communications impacting the growth of M2M and WebRTC. She previously worked as a Web Editor, Freelance Writer and Editorial Intern at M2M Evolution.

Latest Articles

05/31/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
05/29/2014 Omnichannel Retail is All About the Customer Experience
05/28/2014 Google's Self-driving Car Prototype Removes Pedals, Steering Wheels and Brakes
05/27/2014 Choosing the Best Connectivity for M2M Technologies
05/27/2014 Apple Rumored to Announce Smart Home Platform at WWDC Next Week
05/24/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
05/22/2014 Comings & Goings: Dave Evans Marks Second IoT Executive Departure from Cisco
05/20/2014 Gemalto Powers Next-gen Pill Dispensers
05/19/2014 Multi-Tech Systems, Aeris Communications Strengthen Partnership to Enable Efficient M2M Implementations
05/19/2014 Verizon on the Fast-growing Internet of Things
05/17/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
05/14/2014 Bringing the Internet of Everything to Life with Cisco Connected Billboard
05/13/2014 Aeris Infinity Support Fills Gap in M2M Deployment Experience
05/13/2014 FreeWave Technologies Intros WavePoint Family for Government, Defense Applications
05/13/2014 Inmarsat Proposes Free Satellite Tracking Service to Airlines Following the Disappearance of Flight 370
05/10/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
05/09/2014 Comings & Goings: Cisco's IoT GM Guido Jouret Resigns
05/07/2014 How Jasper is Enabling the IoT Transformation
05/03/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
04/30/2014 Putting the Intel in Intelligent Devices with IoT Gateway Solutions
04/30/2014 Nod Smart Ring Transforms Movements into Commands with Gesture Control
04/29/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Numerex Acquires Omnilink for $37.5 Million
04/26/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
04/25/2014 Bringing the Internet of Things Underground in London
04/22/2014 Highlights from Tim O'Reilly's Internet of Things Reddit AMA
04/19/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
04/16/2014 Discussing TI's IoT Ecosystem with Avner Goren
04/15/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Zebra Buys Motorola's Enterprise Business
04/14/2014 Using Big Data in a World Where Customers Don't Trust You
04/14/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Google Acquires Drone Company Titan Aerospace
04/09/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: iControl Acquires Maker of Home Security Device Piper
04/09/2014 Happy IoT Day!
04/08/2014 RacoWireless and Queclink Remove Barriers from M2M Development
04/07/2014 Windows Joins Apple, Google and BlackBerry in Connected Cars
04/07/2014 Speak or Scan Shopping Lists with Amazon Dash
04/05/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
04/04/2014 Nest Issues Safety Warning, Stops Sales for Smart Smoke Detector
04/03/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: GE Healthcare Acquiring CHCA Computer Systems in Industrial Internet Strategy
04/03/2014 Microsoft Targets Internet of Things with Windows on Devices
04/02/2014 Samsung Rolls Out Smart Home Service in Korea, US
04/02/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Intel, Axeda Develop Industrial, Energy and Transportation IoT Solutions
04/01/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Intel Acquisition of BASIS Science Accelerates Focus on Wearable Tech
04/01/2014 Cisco Focuses on Security, Safety in the Internet of Everything
03/29/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
03/28/2014 TechNavio Predicts 35 Percent CAGR of US Connected Home Market by 2018
03/28/2014 TechNavio Predicts 30 Percent CAGR of US Connected Home Market by 2018
03/28/2014 In-vehicle PCs among M2M Opportunity in Connected Cars
03/28/2014 Maintenance Analytics to Reach $24.7 Billion in 2019
03/27/2014 BlackBerry Eyes Connected Car Market with QNX in its Dashboard
03/27/2014 Industrial Internet Consortium Aims to Bring Best Practices, Standardization, Interoperability to IoT
03/26/2014 DCN Delivers One Seamless Package for M2M Application Management, Enablement
03/25/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Telit, NimbeLink Partner to Integrate Cellular Connectivity in M2M Applications
03/24/2014 Synapse Wireless Joins International M2M Council
03/22/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
03/20/2014 Volvo Bridges Gap between Connected Cars and Road Safety
03/17/2014 Introducing CoSwitched, A Virtual Network Operator Powering the IoT with GSM Connectivity
03/15/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
03/14/2014 Application Usage Management Survey: All Signs Point to Intelligent Devices
03/14/2014 Satellite M2M Communications Market to Exceed $4.7 Billion by 2019
03/13/2014 Essence Uses the IoT to Improve Quality of Life
03/11/2014 Will Malaysia Airlines MH370 Trigger Next Generation of M2M Technology in Airplanes?
03/08/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
03/07/2014 Vodafone Brings Embedded SIM Chip, M2M Functionality to Volkswagen and Audi 2015 Models
03/07/2014 Keep An Eye Out for The IoT at SXSW 2014
03/06/2014 SmartSoles from GTX Use Geofencing, Real-time Alerts to Track Loved Ones' Location
03/06/2014 Discussing the Pros, Cons and Future of Telematics with ABI Research
03/04/2014 Facebook Wants to Use Massive Drone Fleet to Offer Internet Access
03/04/2014 Klocwork Urges Developers to Understand, Mitigate Security Vulnerabilities Before It's Too Late
03/03/2014 Take Control of IoT Security Risks: 3 Guidelines to Protecting M2M Systems
03/03/2014 Apple CarPlay Replaces iOS in the Car: Volvo, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz First to Integrate
03/01/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
02/28/2014 The New Era of Digital Marketing: The Internet of Things
02/27/2014 Novatel Wireless Selected to Support Vehicle Tracking Systems' Fleet Management Solutions
02/26/2014 Tech Mahindra Brings Seamless Integration to Connected Solutions
02/26/2014 Sensing & Control enControl Leverages Big Data for Smart Management, M2M Solutions
02/25/2014 Inmarsat, RacoWireless Team Up to Expand Satellite M2M Communication Service IsatData Pro
02/24/2014 M2M at MWC: 23 Ways the IoT is Dominating in Barcelona
02/22/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
02/21/2014 Accelerating Medical IoT with UCSF-Samsung Digital Health Innovation Lab
02/21/2014 Seven Ways The Olympics Use M2M Technology in Sochi
02/21/2014 ILS Technology Upgrades deviceWISE M2M Platform
02/20/2014 AirIQ Turns to KORE for Wireless M2M Connectivity in North America, Europe
02/19/2014 WeMo Vulnerabilities Latest Example of IoT Security Risks
02/18/2014 T-Mobile Eliminates Roaming Costs for M2M Communication with eSIM
02/15/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
02/14/2014 How M2M Could Have Saved Toyota Almost $200 Million
02/13/2014 iAnywhere: Is Apple Looking to Learn from Microsoft?
02/12/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Google Officially Closes on Nest Acquisition
02/11/2014 Comings & Goings: Microsoft Builds on Internet of Things Team
02/11/2014 Would You Buy Car Insurance from Google? Accenture Highlights Telematics, Usage-based Insurance Trends
02/11/2014 Using M2M Technology, RFID Tags to Track Marijuana in Colorado
02/11/2014 Safer Internet Day Highlights the Good and Bad of Growing Connectivity
02/10/2014 Iridium Burst Uses Satellite Transmissions to Broadcast Data to Unlimited Number of Connected Devices
02/08/2014 M2M Evolution Week in Review
02/07/2014 KORE Expands M2M Solutions Throughout Japan
02/07/2014 How Does Juniper's M2M Revenue Predictions Stack Up Against Other Industry Analysts?
02/05/2014 Smith Micro to Enhance Panasonic Wireless Devices for Secure, Efficient Connections
02/04/2014 When CRM Meets IoT: The Internet of Customers
02/03/2014 ILS Technology's deviceWISE Brings Home Two Awards from M2M Battle of the Platforms
02/03/2014 Five Super Bowl Commercials Featuring the IoT

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