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M2M Evolution
Daniel Brecht has been writing for the Web since 2007. His interests include computers, mobile devices and cyber security standards. He has enjoyed writing on a variety of topics ranging from cloud computing to application development, web development and e-commerce. Brecht has several years of experience as an Information Technician in the military and as an education counselor. Brecht holds a graduate Certificate in Information Assurance and a Master of Science in Information Technology. He is a member of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon, International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines.

Latest Articles

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04/30/2014 Cubic Telecom, China Unicom to Offer OTA Upgrade Functionality on M2M Devices
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04/14/2014 M2M Evolution: The Seven Golden Rules for a Successful SCADA Implementation and Operation
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03/01/2013 CargoGuard and Telenor Connexion form M2M Partnership
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11/26/2012 Indian M2M Market Promises a Rapid Growth
11/13/2012 Smart M2M Pharma: A Free Mobile App and Service for Med Reps
07/02/2012 Tiesse SpA Brings Telematics Solutions to Novatel Wireless M2M Customers
03/15/2012 Automotive Telematics: The Growing Demand for In-car Applications

M2M Evolution Conference
The robust M2M conference program will focus on topics that inform and educate our audience of the latest and greatest technologies, current and future regulatory policies, new verticals, new applications and all of the hottest topics in Machine-to-Machine Industry. The M2M Evolution Conference is trending to become the leading educational and networking event in the M2M Industry and we’d like you to be a part of it.

Topics Include:
  • M2M and Smart Energy
  • M2M and Healthcare
  • M2M in the Enterprise
  • M2M and the Service Provider