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M2M Evolution
Michael is an ICT coordinator for developing countries, specifically in Africa. He assesses the viability of implementing technologies in rural areas where there is minimal infrastructure available. The goal is to put systems in place that can sustain themselves with solar, wind and other forms of energy for wireless Internet if the infrastructure allows it and satellite Internet if the funding permits it. Michael also writes about ICT for local and international NGO’s and spends his free time as a playwright and an aspiring Photoshop enthusiast.

Latest Articles

10/31/2014 Limmex Selects Gemalto for M2M Connectivity
10/27/2014 Sensor Technology Driven by Smart Mobile Devices
10/23/2014 Connected M2M Home Appliance Market Set to Grow at a CAGR of 49.98 Percent
10/20/2014 Cisco Launches Global IoT Challenge for Young Women
10/17/2014 VMware and Jasper Form Partnership to Simplify Enterprise IoT and EMM Adoption
10/06/2014 Installed Base of Fleet Management Systems to Hit 12 Million in Americas
10/06/2014 Smartenit and Broadcom Announce Collaboration for Home Automation Solutions
09/25/2014 Swisscom Simplifies M2M Deployment with Cloud-based AEP
09/24/2014 New Kii Dedicated Platform Gives Enterprises More Control Over Apps
09/18/2014 Connected Car M2M Connections and Services Market Set to Grow
09/18/2014 Vodafone Report Reveals More Organizations Will Deploy M2M Solutions
09/18/2014 ecobee Thermostats Deliver on Hardware and App Front
09/10/2014 MapR Technologies Achieves 100 Million Data Points Per Second Ingest
09/08/2014 New Study Looks at Use of Connected Devices in the US
09/03/2014 Smartplug Maker Zuli Raises $1.65 Million in Seed Funding
09/02/2014 Wi-Next Selects Axiros for IoT Cloud Application Development
08/18/2014 ActivePERS Detects Falls and Monitors Seniors
08/14/2014 Gemalto Wins M2M Evolution Product of the Year
08/11/2014 GPS Mobile to Offer ZTR Control Systems' Telematics Solutions
07/23/2014 Enterprises in South Africa Turning to Smart M2M Solutions to Improve Efficiency
07/21/2014 More than Half of Broadband Households in the US Have Health and Wellness Devices
07/14/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Vidyo Brings Total Capital Raised to $139M with New $20M Round of Financing
06/30/2014 Neoji: The All-in-One Smart Home Device
06/17/2014 Survey Sees Automotive Sensor Market Hitting $35.78 Billion by 2022
06/11/2014 PrismTech and Red Hat Come Together for Improved Internet of Things
05/27/2014 Shell Looking to Capitalize on the Internet of Everything
05/27/2014 The IoT: The Next Industrial Revolution
05/16/2014 GetActive Fitness Tracker Receives Round of Funding
04/30/2014 The Impact of M2M on Healthcare
04/23/2014 BugLabs' Freeboard to Simplify IoT Data Management
04/23/2014 SkyWave Terminal Delivers Dual Communication for M2M Asset Tracking
04/23/2014 New Partnership Delivers Faster IoT Solutions
04/23/2014 M2M Still Facing Questions about Cloud Security
04/17/2014 AllJoyn to Bring a Language All Devices can Understand in the Internet of Things
04/17/2014 Juniper Research: More Than 10 Million Smart Home Connected Appliances by 2017
04/14/2014 Oil and Gas Wireless M2M Installation Hit 423,000 in One Year
04/09/2014 Senaptic Offering Narrow Band Radio for IoT Applications
04/09/2014 Intel Changes Financial Reporting to Highlight Impact of Internet of Things
04/09/2014 Intel's Bay Trail Processor Providing AIS with New Visualization Solutions
02/27/2014 Ayla Networks and NXP Provide Secure Cloud Solution for IoT
02/27/2014 Deutsche Telekom Introduces M2M Data and Device Management through the Cloud
02/18/2014 Using RFID and Real-time Location Services to Improve Student Safety
02/12/2014 Automotive, Home Connections Driving Internet of Things Growth in Italy
02/12/2014 Automotive, Home Connected Driving Internet of Things Growth in Italy
01/23/2014 Developing the Right M2M Strategy
12/18/2013 Wheelings & Dealings: GE Ventures Continues Investments in IoT with Mocana
12/16/2013 Smart Home Solutions Sought by 60 Percent of U.S. Households with Broadband
12/11/2013 Privacy, the FTC and the Internet of Things
11/29/2013 Rändivoo from Brivo Labs Changing Visitor Experience to Buildings
11/29/2013 Randivoo from Brivo Labs Changing Visitor Experience to Buildings
11/27/2013 Voyager Becomes the First Standalone Connected Car Smartphone
11/26/2013 Cloud, M2M Changing Enterprise Tech
11/25/2013 Monnit Wireless Sensors Receive Global Certification
11/20/2013 M2M Connections Projected to Reach 2.9B within 10 Years
11/20/2013 Vehicle-to-Vehicle Adoption to Increase to 69 Percent by 2027
11/11/2013 Oberthur Technologies' MultiSIM for Mobile Devices Eliminates Compatibility Barriers
11/11/2013 NSR SCADA/M2M Report Forecasts Growth for Narrowband Systems
11/08/2013 StickNFind Introduces Android SDK for Bluetooth Low Energy
11/07/2013 Canada's Bell Becomes Nation's First Wireless Provider to Join GMA
10/30/2013 Novus AirGate - GPRS Send M2M Data to the Cloud
10/24/2013 Telit's GE864-QUAD V2 M2M Module Selected for the GPRS FLEX
10/23/2013 ABI Research Expects AEPs to Grow at 32 Percent by 2018
10/23/2013 The ORBCOMM GT 1100 Launched Commercially
10/23/2013 ABI Research Forecasts M2M Analytics to Grow to $14.3 Billion in 2018
10/14/2013 Etisalat Increases M2M Market in Middle East, Asia and Africa with NetComm Wireless
10/14/2013 Sierra Wireless Increases Market Share with Acquisition of AnyDATA M2M Assets
10/14/2013 Sierra Wireless Increases Market Share with Acquisition of AnyData M2M Assets
10/02/2013 SaaS-based Commercial Fleet Telematics Units to Increase to 16.8M by 2018
09/30/2013 Fleet Management Systems to Grow 15 Percent CAGR in the Americas
09/16/2013 to Structure Web Pages for Free
09/10/2013 ThingWorx and InVMAform Partnership to Increase M2M Reach
08/26/2013 Vodafone to Provide HybridPaytech with Global M2M Platform
08/19/2013 RAC to Brand Novatel Wireless Solutions for Advanced Telematics
08/19/2013 Open Mobile Alliance and OneM2M Address the Need for Interoperability
08/12/2013 ePortGo to Provide a One-stop Solution for the $11 Billion Taxi and For-Hire Vehicle Market
08/09/2013 Novatel Wireless Second Quarter 2013 Up by 6 Percent
08/09/2013 Telit Technology Collaborates with Danlaw, Driveprofiler for Better UBI
08/09/2013 Growing Connected Car Market Attracts Cisco and Nvidia
08/02/2013 EarthSearch to Provide GPS, RFID Tech in Nigeria
07/19/2013 HiveMotion Selects Sequans Communications' Firefly LTE platform for M2M
07/19/2013 Quantance's Q845 qBoost Improves 4G/LTE Performance
07/17/2013 Mobile TeleSystems, Renaissance Insurance Launch Smart Car Insurance
07/17/2013 VisTracks to Provide SnapTraq for NewCore Wireless' Carrier Partners
07/05/2013 Garmin Introduces the DC 50 - A New Tracking System for Dogs
06/14/2013 Telit Technology Providing ipDatatel with Cellular Module
06/14/2013 Motion Computing Introduces New In-Vehicle Computers
06/13/2013 Telefonica Launches New Smart M2M Platform in Germany
06/11/2013 Mediacom and Comporium to Deliver New Connected Home Services
05/31/2013 Inthinc Incorporates DVIR to Improve Safety and Comply with Regulations
05/28/2013 StickNFind Adapts Its Technology for Enterprise Applications
05/28/2013 KORE Looks for an Expanded Addressable Market by Partnering with EE
05/28/2013 New M2M Cellular Gateway for Wireless Sensors from Monnit
05/24/2013 KORE Looks for Expanded Addressable Market, Partners with EE
05/24/2013 Numerex, Huawei Alliance will offer M2M Innovation
05/20/2013 New GT 1100 from Orbcomm Offers Self-powered M2M
05/16/2013 New Glympse Platform Offers Easy Location Integration
05/15/2013 Ultra Low Energy DECT Expected to Lead in M2M Market
05/13/2013 Hawaii Upgrades Early Warning System to Skywave Satellite M2M
05/10/2013 New Report: Internet of Things and M2M will Grow to $290B by 2017
05/10/2013 Aricent, Axeda Collaborate to Provide Expedited Deployment of M2M Applications

M2M Evolution Conference
The robust M2M conference program will focus on topics that inform and educate our audience of the latest and greatest technologies, current and future regulatory policies, new verticals, new applications and all of the hottest topics in Machine-to-Machine Industry. The M2M Evolution Conference is trending to become the leading educational and networking event in the M2M Industry and we’d like you to be a part of it.

Topics Include:
  • M2M and Smart Energy
  • M2M and Healthcare
  • M2M in the Enterprise
  • M2M and the Service Provider