M2M MAGAZINE — 3rd Quarter, 2014

Make It Work: AT&T Helps Organizations Get More Productive with M2M

AT&T is arguably the best-known name in telecommunications, so when an important new market takes shape on the communications landscape... Read More >>>


Edit Series

Accelerating IoT - Creation of the Industrial Internet Consortium
The physical and digital worlds are colliding as we've entered an era in which every machine and device can benefit from being connected to other machines and devices, analytics, the Internet, and people at work. This hyper-connectivity is not just being harnessed by individuals with tablets and smartphones. It is being harnessed by enterprises and industrial organizations and will enable vast leaps in productivity and innovation while propelling society into new ways of interacting with the world around us. - 08/07/2014

Strategic Solutions Series

The GetWireless Advantage: VAD Differentiates with Broad Portfolio of Products, Packaged Solutions & Support
GetWireless is a value-added distributor of cellular-based solutions. It prides itself on its experience, integrity, and knowledge, all of which the company says enables it to provide an unmatched level of customer service. M2M Evolution magazine recently spoke with GetWireless CEO Brian Taney to get the details. - 08/07/2014

The Power of One: Vodafone Pulls It All Together to Make M2M Work
Vodafone, a mobile carrier established in 1984, is now the world's second largest carrier and a leading player in the M2M space. The service provider currently has equity interests in more than 30 countries across five continents, and 20 years experience offering M2M solutions. - 08/07/2014


Fog Rises to Bring More Local Intelligence to M2M
We're all familiar with the rise of cloud computing. Now, a new layer of networking is developing in the form of fog computing. - 08/07/2014

The Care & Feeding of M2M: Keeping the Sensors Healthy
M2M sensors are used to gather data about equipment and products like food and medicine all over the world in an effort to ensure those assets are secure, unspoiled, and working properly. But who's keeping tabs on the health and wellness of the M2M sensors themselves? If you have or are considering implementing an M2M solution, this is one of the questions for which you probably should have the answer. - 08/07/2014

Vroom Vroom: Telematics Motoring Toward Mass Market Adoption
Telematics used to be a term the telephone companies used to describe applications involving any equipment that was outfitted with connectivity capabilities. The favorite example was a connected soda pop machine that could tell a remotely located computer when it needed to be restocked with, say, Dr. Pepper. Today, however, the term telematics is used to describe various applications in the connected vehicle space. And, as it turns out, this newer variety of telematics is even more effervescent. - 08/07/2014