M2M MAGAZINE — 2nd Quarter, 2014

Selling Point New Developments in PoS

On the up side, mobile point-of-sale solutions like the one popularized by Square are giving businesses the ability to do transactions pretty much wherever they are... Read More >>>


Edit Series

Systech Reduces Costs, Enhances Services with M2M
M2M Evolution magazine recently caught up with Robert Lutz, director of product management and business development at Systech Corp., who provided an update on the company and his thoughts on the machine-to-machine space. - 05/21/2014

Boardroom Report

The State of M2M Investment
California is a venture market unto itself. It takes a special logic to invest billions for software like Facebook's WhatsApp and millions for hardware like Facebook's Titan Aerospace. - 05/21/2014

The Hot List

Hot Companies & Trends in the Point of Sale Arena
When I research The Hot List, the goal is always to give a sampling for readers to get a head start on their research about something that is not being covered in the press. In this case the problems with point of sale terminals being infected at Target and Niemen Marcus has made for a lot of press coverage. - 05/21/2014


Takin' It to The Streets: YESCO Brings Digital Signage to the World's Largest Venues
Think about big impact signs, and places like the Las Vegas Strip, Times Square, and Piccadilly Circus come to mind. YESCO is the company responsible for the digital signage in a couple of these iconic locations. Considering the size of these venues, two out of three ain't bad. - 05/21/2014


Sign Here: The Latest & Greatest in Digital Signage
In terms of market size, digital signage is worth between $4 billion and $5 billion globally, and $1.6 billion and $1.8 billion in the U.S., says Chris Riegel, CEO of Stratacache. And analysts expect the digital signage space in North America and Western Europe - which currently ship in the low tens of millions of units per year - to double annually in each of the next three years, he says. From an individual business perspective, a digital sign's value lies in its ability to drive a sale. - 05/21/2014


Retail Solutions Roundup
Each issue we invite companies in a given M2M space to submit short summaries about their offerings. Retail solutions that leverage M2M technology is the focus of this issue's roundup. - 05/21/2014

Q&A Session with AT&T's Mike Troiano
There are more than 16 million - and growing - wirelessly connected machines on the AT&T network. That's more than any other U.S. carrier. Over the past few years, AT&T has been the U.S. cellular M2M market share leader with nearly half of all connected devices, according to Berg Insight's October 2013 study "The Global Wireless M2M Market 2013". M2M Evolution magazine recently spoke to Mike Troiano, vice president of advanced mobility solutions at AT&T Business Solutions, to learn more. - 05/21/2014


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