TMCNet:  M2M Evolution Battle of the Platforms Winners Announced

[October 03, 2012]

M2M Evolution Battle of the Platforms Winners Announced

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M2M Evolution kicked off the inaugural Battle of the Platforms yesterday at the Austin Convention Center. The event highlighted innovative platform solutions capable of implementing a wide variety of M2M solutions and gave attendees an opportunity to evaluate and differentiate how platforms serve a wide variety of horizontal and vertical applications.   All platform contestants highlighted solutions that address real business needs with quick, scalable implementations that exploit off the shelf capabilities that succeed in reducing costs, improving efficiency and driving profitability.
Innovation and cooperative partnering was not in short supply yesterday, as companies like VisTracks showed how their platform solution could benefit fleet management applications using geo location capabilities such as the ones provided by other Battle of the Platform participants, Gurtam and Locaid.
Many of our platform contestants pointed to each other as partners showing that we are developing a rich M2M ecosystem capable of delivering solutions across many verticals in worldwide markets. 
Here is a rundown on the winners:
Overall Winner- Digi
Digi impressed the judges with not only their rich ecosystem of support for embedded systems but their ability for these systems to be addressed and managed by developers seeking to implement vertical applications. Their solution connects embedded systems to their cloud service they enable business intelligence to be quickly gathered and acted upon in their ROI analysis the payback for their implementation was less than four months.
Platform for Enterprise Deployment - senseaware and Eurotech
Senseaware delivered our only medical platform implementation. While speaking about pharmaceuticals and cold chain, the specific discussion focused on transporting bone marrow and how M2M was utilized to save a life. From that grandiose view of M2M capability we also got the benefit of the practical experience of managing vending machines from Eurotech. Eurotech provided a real hands on demo of a vending machine solution that gave us insight into how their customer was not only managing restocking functions but taking advantage of the Eurotech platform for other efficiencies. Hearing about these very diverse applications attendees gained an understanding of how almost any enterprise can benefit from M2M implementations these days.
Platform for best Business Intelligence Controls Solutions - On Asset Intelligence
 With almost every Enterprise having the ability to benefit from M2M, the next logical question is - what can M2M do to improve a company's business intelligence? On Asset showed an amazing ability to provide intelligence not only from internal resources but from several external resources that were widely available from the web. On Asset's solutions help companies develop strategy, devise contingency/disaster recovery plans and implement crisis management. While it is an Internet of things the truth is - it's about the data and how companies act upon that information to improve business intelligence. This was a key attribute for On Asset's solution.
Platform for Service Providers - KORE
Delivering a worldwide solution in today's marketplace using any form of cellular technology can be quite daunting but KORE's solutions illustrated how service providers could show a global presence by affiliating themselves with KORE's platform solution.  What is most impressive with KORE's platform is the attention to detail and the ability it gives service providers to seamlessly integrate with their own network controls down to each individual embedded component.  KORE's solution removes the complexity from these implementations and allows service providers to focus on managing their customer's needs.
Enabling Independent Application Developer - RFM
RFM's case study showed clear ROI while also solving enterprise sensor solutions in a way that is addressable by developer, integrator or the customer. This solution maximized options within each environment. What was interesting about RFM's solution was the utilization of RF technology using "hoppers"

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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