October 03, 2012

Zonar Takes Vehicle Tracking to a New Level with Redesigned Telematics Platform

Zonar, provider of electronic fleet inspection, tracking and operations systems, took vehicle tracking and diagnostics to a whole new level by revamping its V3 telematics platform to be representative of next generation solutions.

The newly designed V3 platform features industry-leading GPS tracking capability, 3G high speed data connection, built-in accelerometer, Wi-Fi, and ultralow power sleep mode, and was unlike any other device in the industry, said company officials.

As it features real-time vehicle diagnostics, fleet managers get immediate, essential information, alerting them to take action before a problem occurs. It also allows them to take quick operational decisions, helps improve vehicle uptime and maintenance, improves data and tracking accuracy and increases overall safety and efficiency.

All performance and diagnostic information is available through Zonar’s Web-based Ground Traffic Control application and is possible only because V3 collects data directly from the vehicle ECM, integrates that information with satellite GPS readings and transmits the data over 3G networks for immediate action.

And, because it utilizes the 3G network, the V3 not only captures the most robust and reliable data set available, but it gets that data in front of those who need it much more quickly and reliably than ever before, noted Mike McQuade, chief technology officer at Zonar.

In fact, the high performing GPS receiver built into V3 provides remarkable accuracy even in the toughest of environments. Add that the ability of V3 to combine GPS and ECM data provides geospatial precise vehicle performance metrics.

“The best GPS receiver available combined with 3G speed and OEM quality make the V3 the new standard for fleet telematics. There’s no other system like it on the market,” added McQuade.

Further, the 3-axis accelerometer allows for timely and accurate detection of “hard-braking, hard-acceleration, and hard-cornering – three operating behaviors that directly and significantly impact fuel efficiency and safe operation.”

With its unique approach of “Inspect, Track, Know, Resolve” approach, Zonar helps fleets protect, people, cargo, vehicles all at the same time, in real-time with V3.

A new integration between Zonar and geographic information system provider, Esri delivers real-time fleet data layered with sophisticated geographic map information. The resulting system helps companies determine capacity enhancements, improve fuel efficiency, optimize routes and share interactive transportation maps on the Web.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman


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