October 26, 2012

Consumer Electronics and Telematics on Track to Lead M2M Shipments

Global M2M use is on the rise for a number of reasons, but a new study from Juniper Research says the telematics and consumer electronics sectors are quickly becoming the two main industries to lead the charge for the M2M market, challenging smart metering's top position.

All in all, the report forecasts that the M2M and embedded devices market will reach 400 million by year end 2017 – up from approximately 110 million currently.

But while it may seem that smart metering is on the way out in favor of telematics and consumer electronics – both of which are undoubtedly a big part of M2M growth – a recent Strategy Analytics report states that 2012 and 2013 are just the calm before the storm for smart metering. The next year will be relatively slow for smart metering, the report states, as legislation such as the European Energy Efficiency Directive is debated and discussed, after which time the industry will explode with demand.

Meanwhile, Juniper's study also states that the eReader has improved and will continue to improve the prospects of embedded devices in the consumer electronics industry. However, telematics has the edge as focus on increased driver efficiency and cost management are desirable to the point of being compulsory.

Furthermore, as Anthony Cox, associate analyst at Juniper Research and the report's author, stated, "The automotive market is potentially easier to address than other sectors as it contains fewer players."

Other findings from the M2M and embedded strategies report include that mobile network operators have, practically without exception, embraced M2M as an industry sector, while APIs from M2M specialists have become more sophisticated with tailored solutions for individual M2M customers becoming more common.

Junpier Research also recently released its "Mobile Security Strategies" report, which suggests by 2014, business mobile devices will number about 350 million.

Edited by Braden Becker


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