Ultra-Wideband and Micro-Location in 2015's Internet of Things TextBuster Teaches Distraction-Free Drivingl Tele2 Announces Strategic Partnership Targeting Transport Sector M2M Connections Poised for Huge Growth in Latin America and Beyond


IoT Connectivity Solutions Week in Review: IIC, Thread and Berg Insight This week in the IoT connectivity Solutions Community the IoT felt the warm embrace of adoption as well as the chilling threat of unprotected data. It was another exciting week, and now it's that time again-time for the week in review. - 12/20/2014

Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Sprint, Telstra, Tesla and More With every passing day embedded M2M solutions are becoming more intertwined into our lives. Whether it is a connected car, interactive kiosk or a smart home the future is now for M2M. On that note, it is that time again-time for the week in review! - 12/20/2014

Berg Insights Sees Steady Growth in Location Platform Revenue There are two major factors at the heart of any purchase: Ability and Motivation. How motivated is the "consumer"? Does the "consumer" have the ability to make the purchase? The same is true in this instance-especially when it comes to motivation. It… - 12/19/2014

New Report Projects 168 Million Connected Wearables by 2019 There is a ton of hype about the Internet of Things and all that entails. The billions of connected things, big and small will provide new insight and change the way we live-literally. One piece to this puzzle is wearable technology, 2014 saw the unv… - 12/19/2014

Telstra to Connect Tesla Model S When asked about the opportunity back in August Thodey commented, "Suddenly your addressable market is enormous," Thodey said at the time. "They don't have the revenues per month that you would get from a person using a smartphone. It may be two, thr… - 12/18/2014

War Without Borders: Cyber IoT Terrorism This week has been filled with news of terror from congressional reports on people, to threats on casinos and Hollywood. Ignoring all attempts to be moral and pulling this all from the specific to the composite, I think we can see a hard future ahead… - 12/17/2014


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